8 Homemade Holiday Gifts and Recipes

homemadegiftsThe holidays are here, so it’s time to start making some gifts that are easy on the budget and promote healthy real food to boot.  I have several ideas here that can be whipped up in a few minutes, and are ready to be gifted to friends, neighbors, and family. I love the idea of finding little boxes or tins and filling them with homemade goodies.  Or a charming jar filled with a homemade infusion or drink.  Gifts mean so much more when they are made with love and attention and a little bit of time.  I know that even when I eat certain foods, I tend to savor the ones that I know are made the traditional way, with care. It’s one thing to buy a bottle of Irish cream and put a bow on it, and quite another to make it yourself, pour it into a carefully chosen vessel, and label it to take to someone.  It isn’t particularly hard, but it certainly is more delicious and appreciated when you take a few minutes to make a tastier, more personal version of something everyone loves. Eating clean isn’t just about finding perfect foods all the time.  It’s about enjoying your food and connecting with it.  Food is an experience.  And I would argue that enjoyment is also about having fun.  Right?!  That’s why I make so many desserts on Our Nourishing Roots.  We need to live a little!

Chocolate Peppermint & Coconut Citrus Fudges

Coconut Butter Fudges

Coconut butter fudges are absolutely delicious, and much simpler to craft compared to traditional candies and fudges.  Plus, you get the benefit of getting more coconut into your diet.  In particular, coconut oil is a good source of medium chain fatty acids in the form of lauric acid.  And coconut butter is velvety and smooth, and dairy-free!  These recipes are GAPS-legal, and are perfect nestled in a box of crinky tissue paper. finished fleur de sel chocolate-covered macadamia nut

Fleur De Sel Macadamia Nuts

When I got a jar of delicate, white fleur de sel, I knew that I needed to make candies and chocolates to highlight it’s crunchy and pure flavor.  The star of these macadamia nuts really is the fleur de sel, but you could easily use other salts that you like from your area, or special parts of the world. These beautiful bites would be perfect put into small paper cups, either individually or in trios, and then packaged into a small box or tin and decorated. making aromatic bitters

Handmade Aromatic Bitters

Aromatic bitters are my new obsession.  I love how versatile they are, from being used as a digestif in a Bitters & Soda to being shaken up into a Manhattan at home as you make your own handmade cocktails.  Bitters are traditionally used as medicinal infusions for digestive health. The blends of roots, berries, peels, herbs, and spices are specific to your individual taste and bodily tendencies. It’s like having a tailor-made feel good health tonic you can make at home. Like certain flavor profiles?  Put them into a jar and make some bitters!  Simply follow my basic recipe and start improvising from there.  Or you can also get Natural Cocktails and see the other orange bitters recipes included there.  Just pour these bitters into a small jar, label it, and trot it off to be enjoyed and shared.   Honey-Sweetened GAPS Peanut Butter Cups

Honey-Sweetened Peanut Butter Cups

These crowd-pleasing peanut butter cups are yet another one of my recipes that are not only delicious but completely GAPS-legal.  Keep them in their papers and deliver them in cute little bags tied up with bows. And I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes feel quite ill when I compromise my clean eating intentions and eat conventional candies.  It’s not the sugar that gets me so much as the added flavors and colors.  But when I eat these homemade peanut butter cups, I don’t feel terrible at all.  I feel energized, and have no negative symptoms at all.  Real food really is that good!  It’s not just about the taste, but how you feel when you eat real foods.  And real food doesn’t mean deprivation either.  I mean, these are peanut butter cups.

Real Cocktails

Along with enjoying your desserts, I think it’s time that we enjoyed some clean cocktails.  I’m tired of having to compromise when it comes to having a mixed drink with friends or at the end of a long day.  I want to know what is in my cocktails, and I want to make them as pure as possible.  Like I said earlier, real food endeavors don’t just produce better-tasting results, but you feel better too.  cocktail onions, cocktail olives, two kinds of maraschino cherries Stocking your home bar is such fun!  And doing it the real foodie way is even better.  Learn how to make your own liqueurs, flavorings, grenadine, and bitters in this comprehensive book where I share my favorite classic and contemporary cocktails.  An ebook is a perfect gift to pair with a tablet or new reading device, too.  Cheers!

DIY Organic Beauty

I have done a few DIY-ish things here on ONR, but this book really takes the cake.  I know how to make my own toothpaste, and I dabble in making my own lotions sometimes.  But I much prefer someone to research, test, and recommend recipes to me.  Fortunately, this book exists and has done all my work for me. This year I plan to make a few different jars for my family and friends as holiday gifts.  I’m deciding between making the Homemade Bronzer, the Honey Conditioner, the various homemade body butters, the Tooth Whitener, and the Chocolate Mint Lip Balm.  And even if I make all of those, there are still about a million more in the book!  You can even give the ebook itself as a gift. irish cream, bottled and poured

Irish Cream

More than any other homemade gift, I get the most compliments on this one.  I buy clear Grolsch-style bottles, and fill them with my not-too-sweet, perfectly-balanced, homemade Irish cream.  People then start to grin, thanking me profusely for making them such a special gift.  It’s truly my pleasure!  There is nothing quite like drinking homemade Irish cream over ice during the holidays. Irish cream is also very versatile, lending itself to flavoring coffee, grown-up hot cocoa and other homemade cocktails like mudslides.  But I still prefer mine in a simple glass, so I can enjoy the fresh cream and mellowed Irish whiskey as I sip and unwind. almond roca

Classic Almond Roca

This GAPS-legal candy is another holiday favorite.  Plus, almond roca seems to be a tradition now around the holiday season.  We seemed to always have some during Christmas while I was growing up.  I never appreciated it much when I was younger, but I have smarter taste buds these days. I much prefer this version that uses simple, classic ingredients: golden butter, sweet honey, crispy almonds, and handmade chocolate.  There are no strange additives for you to worry about, and the shards of candy are positively elegant when you pack them into a festive container to deliver to a friend for the holidays. So there you have it: several gift ideas that won’t break your budget or your schedule.  Your foodie friends and family will thank you.  Happy holidays, my friends! This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday, Allergy Free Wednesday, The Mommy Club, Thank Your Body Thursday, Simple Lives Thursday, Pennywise Platter, Full Plate Thursday, Fight Back Friday.

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  1. Hi Kendahl,
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    Miz Helen

  2. Hi, Kendahl. What a great list!

    I absolutely love almond roca and really want to try this recipe, but the link isn’t active for me. Might you be able to share the link again?

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