9 Months In: LOVE YOUR BODY!!!


Can you lose weight while remaining body positive?  You can see my original post here, my 30 day update here,  my 60 day update here, and my 120 day update here.

UPDATE: I highly recommend reading ALL the books found here, which are from sources that I trust to also remain free of dieting dogma.  They are the real truth-tellers when it comes to healthy weight loss and healthy relationships to food and exercise.  If you want to change your life, this is where you should start.

Well, it’s been about 6 months since I checked in with y’all, and we even already made it through the Anti-Diet Challenge of 2014, wherein I rant about why I think the diet industry is basically evil.

Spoiler Alert!: This year my Anti-Diet Challenge isn’t limited just to January when I get real tired of hearing about everyone’s new year’s resolutions to redouble their efforts to nurture their eating disorders.

So let’s check in.  Here’s what I said in my last update:

Sometimes life happens and you don’t do things perfectly.  And then you have a choice: give up or keep going.  I choose to keep going. Things can fall apart.  Things can change.  And they do! Maybe you get thrown a curveball and you are thinking “Wow! I didn’t see that coming!”  Or maybe you did see it coming, and now it’s here. Life is about being accountable for yourself.  It’s about owning up to reality.  Who you are.  What actions you choose to take.  It’s basically about owning you, no matter what. And the same goes for me.  So I am choosing to keep going.  I choose not to give up.

Here’s the weight update:

I haven’t gain or lost anything…not really.  Welllll, okay, I have lost weight!  Drumroll please….

I started at an all-time high of 280 pounds.  In the 120 Day update I had reached 265 pounds, which was 15 pounds down.  Now: I’m down to 255!  That’s 25 pounds lost in the last 9 months or so!  And that’s without dieting, and eating more than 2000 calories per day.

And remember that originally (when I was more active before my life started falling apart with the divorce and moving) I was eating about 3000 calories a day like this, and I was moving my body by dancing to the Just Dance game on the Wii with my 8-year-old most days, and then lifting weights at the gym 2-3 times a week.  I was averaging about 5 pounds lost per month until I hit the big crisis of my life.

But what happened after that?  I kept maintaining that weight, and losing a little bit at a time, even though I was under a lot of stress and even though I was going through a lot of changes.  Imagine my surprise when I weighed myself 2 months ago and I was in the 250’s.  And do you know what my first thought was?  It was: Wow, my metabolism really is healing, because even under all this stress I am still losing weight and keeping my temperature steady.  Remember that metabolic function is directly tied to your body temperature.  If your metabolism is burning hot, you are on the right track!

Valentine’s Day:

This brings me to the next holiday, when women especially are supposed to be svelte and sexy and eat like little birds.  Wrong!

Give me a hearty meal on Valentine’s day, like a grass-fed steak, parmesan potato rounds, salad with blue cheese, pinot noir, and homemade chocolate for dessert.

And give me a woman who is confident in her skin.  A woman who knows that her worth isn’t tied to a number on a scale, or even how often she works out.  Give me a woman who can eat a lot of food and lift weights like a boss at the gym.  That’s who I am.  That’s who I find inspirational.

So what now?

If I have to hear one more person talk about how they are going to “be good” now and get to the gym and eat a lot of veggies, I’m gonna scream!  Now, granted, I haven’t been hearing that so much in the last couple of weeks, because most of the people who got all fired up about getting back to the gym were doing it for the wrong reasons, like feeling ashamed that they ate Christmas cookies, and now they have to pay for it by getting on the elliptical for an extra half and hour.

Let it go.  Love your body.  Be body positive!  Let go of the judgement inherent in “bad” foods, or “indulging” in desserts.  Eat the food.

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  1. Love it! Been going through the same myself. Keep being awesome, down with the diets! Congrats 🙂

  2. I think you are awesome and totally support this kind of healing. I am getting help from Matt Stone at 180D health. I am struggling to change my diet to his suggestions for my personal health issues. I’ve had lots of digestion issues and am hoping this will, eventually, do the trick and get some energy back into my life. Thanks for sharing your own struggle with us.


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