Anti-Diet Challenge 2013


If you don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard the obligatory whinging on Facebook and amongst your friends and family that while the holidays were wonderful, it’s time to “detox”, “lose holiday pounds”, and curb all those “indulgences” from Christmas cookies to holiday cocktails.

It’s time for a reality check: this kind of approach to food and bodies is damaging.

So starting this coming Monday, January 4, 2013, we are going to embark on an anti-diet together.  There will be pie.  There will be sugars and starches.  There will be naps.  There will be weight-lifting, hiking, dancing, spazzercising, and playing because you have energy and want to move.  

I will announce the parameters of our challenge this Monday, so in the meantime I suggest you either brush up on your homework, or grab a copy if you haven’t already.

It’s essential to have at least one of the following: Diet Recovery or Eat for Heat, but preferably both.  And if you are an overachiever, I recommend getting the most bang for your buck with the Platinum Collection which includes Diet Recovery and Eat For Heat plus several other ebooks and videos with lifetime access.

I know that you have learned from magazine covers and pop culture and girlfriends that you are a healthy person if you have concerns about the 3-5 pounds you “gained” over the holidays, but here is another reality check: your weight fluctuates all the time.  Chances are that you didn’t gain much of anything, but are simply experiencing the natural pounds that we gain in colder weather.  It’s healthy, and nothing to fight against.

If you found that this holiday season caused you to gain a considerable amount of weight, like say 10+ pounds, then here is yet another reality check: it’s not from the Christmas cookies.  At least, it’s not from Big Bad Sugar and White Flour.  It’s probably from stress.

Instead of throwing your delicious cookies under the bus, take some inventory of how your sleep patterns and stress levels were over the holidays.  Did you take care of yourself?  Did you enjoy the time you spent with family and friends?  Did you make sure to get plenty of sleep?  Did you eat plenty of starchy foods and carbs to make sure your hands and feet were warm and toasty?

If you aren’t familiar with what I am talking about, you need to read Diet Recovery and Eat for Heat stat!  Prepare to start your anti-diet: it will be glorious!

And hurry up, because we are starting Monday.  Tick tock!  Do your homework!

You can also click here to buy both Diet Recovery, Eat for Heat, and several other ebooks in the Platinum Collection (the best deal I have found).


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  1. I have been following your blog for some time now and I absolutely love your recipes. I think you anti-diet is impressive. I thought of doing the same thing this year. Haha I can’t quite yet because I am working with a nutritionist and I feel I should finish out my commitment, but as soon as I am done I cannot wait to anti-diet. I also have read a few of Matt’s books. I am not quite ready to take the plunge but I am so interested in the concepts. It may take a little more detoxing from my “healthy” habit mindset. I unlike most people was working with a nutritionist to GAIN weight. It isn’t working by the way haha. I did take a break from my Ray Peat style diet for the last month and I have gained a few pounds, YAY! I am not anti-Ray Peat at all but my specific nutritionist is even a bit more complicated and it is super stressful. Anyway, I could hug you for how much I love this concept, I hope many benefit and see positive and lasting improvements.

  2. Here is what I am doing… I am going wheat free and sticking to protein, veggies and fruit. Mainly because I feel better this way. I have always eaten wheat my whole life until last October and I learned that I do so much better without it. During the holidays, I ate wheat again and I suffered. So no more suffering. Another thing I am doing is sleeping… I am going to be early (before midnight). No longer will I be doing late nights, all night internet browsing. So, night, night! 🙂

  3. I came in late on this but I really think it is repeat worthy. Let me know when you’re on board with that, k? 😉

  4. My new years resolution was to NOT diet and develop a healthy relationship with food so I can be a better role model for my girls. I’m so excited to see you have the same idea! I had a consult with Matt Stone and after following his advice I managed to ge t my temps up from 95.3 to 98.3 in a few months (I’m nursing and it took a while for me to really let the dietary dogma go). After three years on a strict GF diet I am now able to eat wheat with no problems. In fact, I introduced wheat three weeks ago and my temps that caused my temp to rise from 97.6 to what it currently is. I’ll def. be following your blog more closely.

  5. I am confused…. I came across your blog and read your story abot doing GAPS but then I came across your blog and the “Anti -Diet Challenge” of eating all out sugars and starches. Am I missing a post that will put the puzzle pieces together as to what you are doing? Do you not like GAPS or do it anymore? Isn’t it damaging to eat all these things on this challenge? I just started GAPS a month and a half ago and was searching for info about missed periods and your site came up even though I didn’t find the info on that here…. Help me understand please. Thanks! Blessings

  6. I stumbled across your blog and am very interested in the concepts you present. I make natural skincare and am working towards a more natural lifestyle, but that in itself is STRESSFUL! I like your ideas about stress in relation to eating and healthy lifestyles. I am looking forward to learning much more!


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