Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 3

antidietday3It’s day 3 of the Anti-Diet Challenge!  Click here to see why I am hosting the Anti-Diet Challenge.

Here’s how the week has been going for me so far:

Day 1 was French toast and bananas, gnocchi and cookies, soup and sourdough.  I had cold feet around 10 am but my temp stayed constant over 98 degrees.  Could be just that my house is cold!  I also danced with my 7-year-old for almost an hour, and we had so much fun!

Day 2 was more gnocchi! for breakfast, pita pockets and lemonade, garlic bread.  Because I had the gnocchi I didn’t have any cold feet issues that day.  W00t!

Day 3 so far has been a big plate of potatoes topped with homemade lacto-fermented ketchup.  I’ve been burning hot!  In the last 30 minutes I have had a big coldness creep over my extremities, probably because I have a headcold and didn’t sleep well last night.  This tells me I should try and nap today with E.  I predict my toes will be toasty after that.

You can read the full version of the Anti-Diet Challenge guidelines here.  Here is the condensed version so you can join in!:

  • Eat foods that sound good.  Be intuitive.
  • Don’t drink anything unless you are thirsty.
  • Follow the meal outline below.  See how you feel.
    • Starchy breakfast without much liquid
    • Big Lunch with protein and dessert.  Fruit is best at this time.
    • Small vegetarian dinner with more liquid.  Veggies are best at this time.
  • Break the meal outline rules above.  See if tweaking it helps you feel better or worse.  Trust your results.
  • Embrace sugar and salt.
  • Work out if you feel antsy.  Take a nap if you are tired.
  • Take your temperature.
  • Sleep enough.

Just pick a bullet point and do it!  Nuff said.

I also recommend reading Diet Recovery and Eat for Heat.  Share your favorite quote or “a-ha!” moment from the book in comments or on the daily thread on Facebook and Google+ for you to chat, ask questions, and so on.

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  1. Do you think the head cold is just a coincidence? I have been Paleo for over 2 years, not feeling better. My son is Celiac so we have been GF for 5 years. After still feeling bad on Paleo, I started a GAPS intro in Dec but started introducing foods quickly more along the lines of the SCD. I like the idea of introducing new foods slowly to see how they effect me. I read Matt Stone, spurred by the evidence that there seems to be more and more I can’t eat. Also, no sex drive and missed period this month. Slight depression from alienation these diets cause. So on one hand I believe him and want to eat anything and everything but on the other I do not want to undo progress I have made on this elimination/reintroduction diet. What if I have a leaky gut that hasn’t healed yet? I am trying to eat a lot of carbs, just SCD allowed ones (butternut, carrots, honey, baked goods). SO confused.

    • I don’t blame you for being confused. I think that if you haven’t healed your leaky gut by now with paleo and GAPS/SCD, then another approach is warranted. Unfortunately, you may have some crummy symptoms after eating for 2 years on such a restricted diet. But the good news is that they won’t last long! I would go for it. Reintroduce some starchy foods like potatoes, green bananas, or even gluten-free grains like rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. Then try grains. Add dairy back in. Follow your instincts: add all the foods back in at once? one at a time? starting with dairy, then starches? Whatever you think is doable, give it a go. If you haven’t read Matt’s ebooks, do. They will make you feel better. I also recommend talking to him if you can swing it. He has a “pay-what-you-can” option for his consults.

  2. So I went a little off the rails today and had 3 GF Jammie Wheels (cookies here in the UK) and a sweet potato ( a NO NO on SCD). Felt good most of the day but did notice more burps and feel a little acid reflux tonight that I have never had before. Just telling myself “Hey, you did not “die” by eating these things”, these foods are not the enemy. It is ok to go off the rails every now and then. I think I will always be GF, too much auto immune disease in my family, and it wasn’t until I went dairy free did I get off the allergy meds I have been on my whole life. But I can see myself getting more white potatoes and rice and GF only baked goods ( using potato and rice flour.) We shall see how my stomach is tomorrow when I wake up from this test today.


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