Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 4: Cheesy Rice, Head Colds, and Kindness

antidietday4It’s day 3 of the Anti-Diet Challenge!  Click here to see why I am hosting the Anti-Diet Challenge.

Here’s how my day is going:  My husband had a 5-day head cold a while ago, and my kids seemed to come down with it on our last day in Utah last Friday.  Well, now I am the one with the head cold and everyone else has recovered.  No fair!

It’s not even that bad, just annoying to be blowing my nose and waking up at night to sneeze and cough.  But fear not!  I am employing my 18 ways to kick a cold, and then some.  I am finally feeling better this morning.  Take that, germs!

As for Anti-Diet Challenge, I find that it really helps to understand the mechanisms of metabolism, especially when I get sick.  When your feet get cold, or you feel stressed out, or you are extra tired and need a nap, there’s nothing wrong with you.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  It doesn’t mean that eating for heat doesn’t work because my feet got cold two days ago, or because I caught this head cold.  Health is not about perfection.

All that your body is saying in those moments is “Hey, perhaps an adjustment is in order!”  When my feet got cold I though “Well, the potatoes weren’t enough.  I had better eat some salty snack to get my toes warmed up.”  So I did, and they got warm.

With this head cold, I simply need to be aware that I am going to need to possibly overeat starches on the days when I get less-than-ideal sleep to give my metabolism a boost.  I also want to pay attention to my temperature, trying to aid it as much as possible: starches, salts, sugars, grains, ice cream, lifting weights, taking naps, going to bed early.

Having a stressful time at work?  Take that into consideration and have something particularly warming that day.

Know you’re going to be missing some sleep on a particular day?  Plan on when you’ll get the sleep back, and supplement your metabolism with warming foods, destressing activities, and whatever else keeps your body from going into sympathetic nervous system panic.

In short: be kind to yourself.  Keep going.  Feed your body.  Listen to your body.  Hear the craving for certain foods, activities, and sleep.  Realign yourself with, well, yourself.  There’s no need to fight our bodi

You can read the full version of the Anti-Diet Challenge guidelines here.  Here is the condensed version so you can join in!:

  • Eat foods that sound good.  Be intuitive.
  • Don’t drink anything unless you are thirsty.
  • Follow the meal outline below.  See how you feel.
    • Starchy breakfast without much liquid
    • Big Lunch with protein and dessert.  Fruit is best at this time.
    • Small vegetarian dinner with more liquid.  Veggies are best at this time.
  • Break the meal outline rules above.  See if tweaking it helps you feel better or worse.  Trust your results.
  • Embrace sugar and salt.
  • Work out if you feel antsy.  Take a nap if you are tired.
  • Take your temperature.
  • Sleep enough.

Just pick a bullet point and do it!  Nuff said.

I also recommend reading Diet Recovery and Eat for Heat.  Share your favorite quote or “a-ha!” moment from the book in comments or on the daily thread on Facebook and Google+ for you to chat, ask questions, and so on.

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