Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 8


It’s day 8 of the Anti-Diet Challenge!  Click here to see why I am hosting the Anti-Diet Challenge.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the wintertime we tend to crave warming foods like potatoes, starches, and best of all: casseroles.  It’s been quite cold here, and baking a lasagna seems like the perfect dish to make on a cold afternoon.  With it’s crackly cheesy crust on top and warming layers of pasta and tomato sauce and vegetables, it seems to warm me every time from the inside and out.  And it’s not just because the food is warm.

The carbohydrates in the dish are what make your body respond in an anti-stress mode.  The parasympathetic nervous system seems to respond quite nicely to foods like lasagna, despite the popular notion these days that gluten, grains, starches and carbs are inflammatory.  If the inflammatory response was happening, then it would be from the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes your body go into fight-or-flight mode: cold hands and feet, lowered body temperature, stress responses.

If you feel a flush of warmth after you eat something like sugar, cake, lasagna, oatmeal, then that is a very good thing!

Start experimenting.  See if you can make the flush of warmth happen.  I was able to manage it once when I wasn’t very thirsty and ate a really big bowl of macaroni and cheese.  About 15 minutes after the bowl was eaten, I felt a warmth come over my whole body, even my ears!

*  *  *

You can read the full version of the Anti-Diet Challenge guidelines here.  Here is the condensed version so you can join in!:

  • Eat foods that sound good.  Be intuitive.
  • Don’t drink anything unless you are thirsty.
  • Follow the meal outline below.  See how you feel.
    • Starchy breakfast without much liquid
    • Big Lunch with protein and dessert.  Fruit is best at this time.
    • Small vegetarian dinner with more liquid.  Veggies are best at this time.
  • Break the meal outline rules above.  See if tweaking it helps you feel better or worse.  Trust your results.
  • Embrace sugar and salt.
  • Work out if you feel antsy.  Take a nap if you are tired.
  • Take your temperature.
  • Sleep enough.

Just pick a bullet point and do it!  Nuff said.

I also recommend reading Diet Recovery and Eat for Heat.  Share your favorite quote or “a-ha!” moment from the book in comments or on the daily thread on Facebook and Google+ for you to chat, ask questions, and so on.

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  1. Hi,
    So I have a question. Sometimes, I feel really warm, like in the mornings when I wake up, but when I take my temp, it’s low, like just below 97 degrees. That’s happened later in the day. My hands and feet feel warm. What do you think this is about?

    • That’s why you should always take your temperature. The hands and feet thing is a good test, but it’s superceded by the actual taken temperature. Sometimes my feet get cold just because it’s cold in my house! If you are having fluctuations in temperature, think about what might be causing the crash: too much water? Not enough salt? Not enough food? Stress? Start to notice patterns and see if you can find a common denominator.

      • Thanks Kendahl for the response. I just saw this. I would post on FB, but then I have my mom start asking me questions, and well…you know….

        I notice that my temp is low in the morning, rises through the day, and then lowers at night. I need to work on the night time meals because I’m still really carby at night. I know I do better when I eat lighter at night.

        On top of that, I have a hard time remembering to take my temp. One step at a time, right!

  2. 2 questions! I am very intruiged about this book, I have to get it! 1. Have you lost weight? Feel better

  3. Feel better? 2. I dont like breakfast, never have, whats your opinion on eating for a meal i cant fathom eating?

    • I guess I would say: why? Is it because you eat late at night the night before? Is it because you drink coffee (a natural appetite suppressant)? Do you feel nauseous? How long before you can eat something?

      I like eating a banana first thing in the morning and then eating something more substantial about 30-45 minutes later. But I try to get all my food in during the first hour I am awake to maximize metabolic response.

      • I dont drink coffee much anymore. I usua,lly get the kids breakfast, sometime after i will have a piece of fruit but i can easily go until the afternoon til i eat. I dont eat late at night either. No i feel nauseous either 🙂

  4. mmmm, LOVE lasagna!

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