Drink of the Week: The Perfect Cosmopolitan

How to Make the Perfect Cosmopolitan | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS #cocktails #homemade #DIY #homebar #realcocktails


Whether you found your first cosmopolitan as a result of a certain TV show set in New York City, or you have been a fan since before they came into vogue, this pink drink is all it’s cracked up to be.  Cosmos are one of the most drinkable cocktails around, and the flavors are simple and clean.

But if you order a Cosmopolitan at a bar or restaurant, chances are the ingredients are not the cleanest around.  Alcohol manufacturers are not required to label added dyes and flavors, so you can never be sure that you are drinking something without a little extra “something” that doesn’t qualify as real food at all!

Good thing I have figured out how to make clean cocktails, huh?  Yep! [Read more…]

Real Cocktails: Mojitos

homemade mojito

Mojitos are light and refreshing: bright lime and mint mixed with homemade bitters, mineral water, and light rum.  And all lightly sweetened with homemade honey syrup, a real food mojito is hardly something to consider

Every year when it heats up I want to have a mojito.  Or any time I get my hands on some mineral water.  Or mint.  Okay, fine, I just really want a mojito pretty much any time I can manage it!  (After all, I wrote the book on real cocktails, and it’s time to shake one up!)

So if you have a patch of mint growing in your backyard, grab a handful and let’s get cracking! [Read more…]

Bitters & Soda: A Traditional Digestif

Bitters and Soda: A Traditional Digestif | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS #bitters #cocktails #DIY #alkaseltzer #pepto

Think of bitters and soda as natural pepto bism*l, or natural alka-seltz*r.  They were made for your body.  They are crafted from natural ingredients.  So for that over-the-counter stuff, and make a Bitters & Soda instead!

I have been using my homemade bitters as a settling tonic for any upset tummies at my house, especially during our bouts with colds and flus.  Sometimes I have a glass of bitters and soda before I go to bed, and then I sleep like a baby.

While traditional cocktail bitters are making a comeback in local artisan bars, most people still only use them from a storebought bottle for the occasional drink, if they use them at all!  I think bitters are shamefully underused, especially as a part of digestive health.  That’s why I wrote Real Cocktails, because I think we need to bring them back! [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Well I don’t know about you, but this year Thanksgiving really snuck up on me.  I was talking to my husband yesterday and he mentioned that his sister was flying into town this week and I was jolted into reality.  It’s time to make pies!  Thanksgiving is next week!

I love making pie.  I also love roasting turkey, making green bean casserole, soaking buttermilk biscuits, mashing potatoes and whisking gravy.  But my real love is pie.  Jack Handy said it best:

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it’s not, mmmmmmmm, boy.”

Exactly.  There’s a reason I have three different pie dough recipes up on Our Nourishing Roots, and that was all within the first year of recipes!  Join me over the next week as I make a series of pies and share the pictures here and on my Facebook page.  I cannot promise pie heaven, but I think we will come close. [Read more…]

Aromatic Cocktail Bitters: Not Just For Martinis

If you haven’t already heard me geeking out about my new e-book, then brace yourself.  Over the last several months I have been experimenting with making my own cocktails at home, including figuring out recipes for various liqueurs, and even Irish Cream.  And the final result is my Natural Cocktails E-book!

Today I am sharing a recipe excerpt from Natural Cocktails.  I cannot tell you how much fun I have had researching, reading, shaking cocktails, and playing with recipes for this book!  But the most fun of all?  Making my own cocktail bitters.

Cocktail bitters are added to a drink in dashes or drops, to enliven the flavor and deepen the overall taste of the cocktail.  Aromatic Bitters are the most common kind of bitters, the standard used most often in cocktail recipes, especially in classic cocktails.  [Read more…]

Homemade Irish Cream

Homemade Irish Cream | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS

This recipe is an excerpt from my Natural Cocktails e-book, which is perfect for the homemade mixologist who doesn’t want any fake colors or flavors in their cocktails.  Yum!

Irish cream served over ice in the evening is one of favorite ways to unwind.  Grass-fed cream fresh from the dairy, pleasantly spicy Irish whiskey, cool and rich all in the same sip.  And all perfectly sweetened and flavored without any questionable additives.

I’m only 1/4 Irish, but I swear that the Irish genes in me are more than a mere 25% expressed.  I love a good beer, and I love bourbon and Irish whiskey.  I have a particular love for Irish soda bread and this apple and potato cake. [Read more…]