How to Treat Hives: Naturally!

How to Treat Hives Naturally | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS #essentialoils #herbs #holistichealth #naturalmedicine

Hives are the common name for the condition called urticaria, which is usually caused by an allergic reaction in the body.  Hives are a skin rash characterized by raised pale red bumps on the skin that are itchy.  They can be both acute or chronic, depending on the cause.

Hives are frequently caused by allergic reactions; however, there are many nonallergic causes. Most cases of hives lasting less than six weeks (acute urticaria) are the result of an allergic trigger. Chronic urticaria (hives lasting longer than six weeks) is rarely due to an allergy.

The majority of chronic hives cases have an unknown (idiopathic) cause. In perhaps as many as 30–40% of patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria, it is caused by an autoimmune reaction. Acute viral infection is another common cause of acute urticaria (viralexanthem). Less common causes of hives include friction, pressure, temperature extremes, exercise, and sunlight. (source)

Fortunately, we have antihistamines that we can use to treat hives and other allergic reactions.  But antihistamines can bring their own problems, the side effects of which range from sleepiness to just plain feeling weird (that’s a technical term I like to use.)  And really, an antihistamine is useful, but doesn’t have to be the only treatment you use.

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