Linky Links: February 2013


February was absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix.  Several days reached highs of 60s and 70s, prompting breezy T-shirts and slip on shoes.  We have been hiking a lot lately, especially on the weekends as a family.

Don’t hate me, People Who Live in the Snow.  Remember our summers!  This is all we have!  Don’t take it from us!

(But seriously, the weather has been awesome.)

February signalled a renewed burst of energy for me.  I am sleeping better and I have more energy than I have in months.  I can tell that my metabolism is taking a jump up to the next level.  W00t! [Read more…]

Linky Links: January 2013

anti diet challengeThis January, for the first time ever, I was not even a little bit duped by the idea that I needed to be “getting healthy” for the new year. In fact, I was so clear on the fact that nothing was wrong with me, that I launched the Anti-Diet Challenge, which commences on February 4th.

We eat carbs. On purpose. For energy. Because carbohydrates are fuel for the body and a macronutrient besides.  We have been down the road of restrictive eating and over training.  We want to feel powerful and fit!

We powerlift, run up the sides of mountains, play Ultimate Frisbee, wear weird shoes, hike with our kids, go to the gym for the sheer joy of moving our bodies, and even dance for fun!

Getting healthy usually means lowering caloric intake, restricting fats, carbs, or whatever the latest trend is.  It means eating kale, hating the body you have, and opting into the futility of dieting.  I humbly suggest that this is not real health. [Read more…]

Linky Links: December 2012

Ever since Halloween holidays have been sneaking up on me, and New Year’s is no exception.  But fortunately, I started getting smart a few weeks ago and planned ahead knowing that my calendar sense has been off for months.  I got all the celebrations and presents squared away for solstice and Christmas with no stress.  Quite the feat!  We not only enjoyed our understated Christmas morning, but had a wonderful time with family and cousins.

I even bought birthday presents for E, who is coming up on his golden birthday in a few days.  This year seems special for my boys, since M had his golden birthday last summer complete with my favorite cake of all time.

snowyboysNow we are visiting some of my family and former roommates from college up in beautiful snowy Utah.  We timed it perfectly: it snowed for 3 days and then we drove up from Phoenix just in time for the roads to be perfectly plowed, dry, and safe.  The blanket of perfectly white snow was absolutely gorgeous.  M barely remembers when we lived in Michigan and he used to play in the snow, and E had never seen snow before.

When we got out for a potty break at one point, both of my boys begged to touch the snow in the parking lot.  And M said “Mom!  If you move your head side to side like this, the snow is all sparkly!”  Their unbridled joy and enthusiasm is so infectious!  (As you can see from E’s face!)

[Read more…]

Linky Links: August 2012

Fleur De Sel Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nuts have nothing to do with monsoons, but they are DELICIOUS.

The month of August this year was probably one of my favorites.  What’s that, you say?  My favorite month was August in Arizona?!  Yes.  And I’ll tell you why.  One word: monsoons.

Monsoons are what keep me going in the desert in the summer, when the days over 110 degrees stretch out over several days, not a cloud in the sky.  But then, I start to hear the rumble in the distance.  A dark knot of clouds starts to roll in from the south, ready to engulf us in a sudden storm.  Thunder, lightning, inches of rain dumping in less than an hour, and just the sheer power of it all.  Watching a monsoon roll in from my back porch as I sip a chilled drink is one of my favorite ways to reduce stress and just be. [Read more…]

Linky Links June 2012

The month of June was a flurry of travel for me.  Or should I say continuing to travel.  If you recall, in May I was at a women’s retreat in California one weekend, as well as my family reunion in southern Utah with its beautiful red rocks and cousins I hadn’t seen in a few years.

So when June rolled around, I thought I would be home a little more often.  But I forgot that I was also slated to go camping in northern Arizona for one weekend, only to trek back north a few weekends later to my friend’s cabin! (We just got back, and I am quite sunburned.  Thank goodness for extra doses of fermented cod liver oil to combat the burn!) [Read more…]

Linky Links: April 2012

This month has been one of my favorites so far this year.  I have seen incredible growth here at Our Nourishing Roots.  I have finished my REAL FOOD 101 E-book, which is a milestone I have been looking forward to for some time.

Plus, I feel like I’m bursting with ideas for recipes and discussions, which makes writing here so personally satisfying.  I’m just getting started, folks!

April has also marked an increase in energy and metabolism, thanks to my realization that carbs are helping me, and not the villain they are currently painted as in health circles.  Key to realizing this was reading Diet Recovery, which I cannot recommend enough.

Among my reading this for this month are some of my favorites that I’m sharing below: [Read more…]

Linky Links: February 2012


This month I found some really great reading to do thanks to my fellow real food and health bloggers.  I love perusing their latest thoughts, rants, and recipes.  It’s so much fun!

It also provides such a great environment to foster discussions that are complicated and sometimes difficult.  I know that from the few conversations I have had on my Facebook page with people who disagree on how many carbohydrates and grains we should eat. These are conversations that I believe are important.  As you know, I have gone from no grains back to grains in the last 2 months or so.  So this comes from personal experience!

Above all, I believe in having respectful and robust dialogue.  I want Our Nourishing Roots to be a place where we love discovery, and we have love for each other.  I declare this to be a place where we are vibrantly healthy, and that includes our minds!  Don’t be afraid of new ideas, or changing things up.  My greatest priority is to find joy in my life with real food.  It should be a pleasure to cook and try new things, not a burden or a source of stress.  [Read more…]

Linky Links: December 2011

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It’s that time of the month again.  No, not that!  It’s time for my favorite links from around the real food blogosphere.  Even with the busyness of the holidays, I have loved sitting down and reading what so many real foodies are up to.  Whether it’s a new recipe I get to try or a new concept I had never even considered, I am constantly reminded of how interconnected we all are.  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season, and that you are looking forward to the new year and all that 2012 will behold!

I know that for me it will be full of healing bone broth and more energy.  I am feeling more and more fantastic every day on the GAPS diet.   I am struck each afternoon that I want to go run around outside instead of take a 3 hour nap.  How lucky am I that I have the knowledge of and resources to commit to the GAPS diet?  I hope you all realize how lucky you are too.  We get to heal and be in the 30-Day GAPS Challenge together!  We get to prepare together and take the first steps together, starting officially on January 1.  We have resources like the 30-Days on GAPS Intro ebook to ease our way into GAPS.  How wonderful not to be alone!

[Read more…]

Linky Links: November 2011

Slow Cooker Baked Apples

The month of November has been quite the whirlwind for me, what with building Our Nourishing Roots, seeing family for Thanksgiving, and feeling the shift in the seasons*.  As I have been floating around my favorite blogs I have found several specific posts that I want to share with you to share the link love!  Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites that you want to share.  I love hearing about what you have been reading and creating in the kitchen.

(*And yes, even in Arizona we enjoy the change in weather.  It is just that we don’t end up with snow, we end up with afternoons in the 70s.  Don’t hate me!  We pay for it in the summer!)

Here’s a list of some of my favorite recipes and posts from this month:


  • Slow Cooker Baked Apples (pictured above): this recipe from Cara over at Health, Home, and Happiness look so fabulous, and as soon as my slow cooker is done making broth in the backyard, I will be making these.  I am a big fan of slow-cooked fruit to bring out the natural sweetness; it’s so satisfying.
  • Cranberry Apple Grain-Free Granola: granola is one of those foods that I started to miss when I went on GAPS, but this version will keep me happy, I’m sure.  Yum!
  • Bûche de Noël: I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now, but I never got around to it last year when I heard of Bûche de Noël for the first time.  This recipe from Nourished Kitchen looks so festive for the holidays.  The cake is already grain-free, and I’m going to make the filling with coconut cream, and sweeten the whole thing with raw honey.