Beef Tenderloin from Real Food for the Holidays

beef tenderloinThis recipe is an excerpt from the Real Food for the Holidays class.  It is simple, real food like this grass-fed beef tenderloin that can make the holidays so magical.  I love the collection of recipes in this class, because they are all similarly rustic, homemade, and perfect for entertaining guests, family, and friends alike for the holidays.

Real Food for the Holidays is my favorite class that I have taken.  I have a weakness for the holidays, and I love to bake.  There are not only recipes like this beef tenderloin in the class, but a myriad of baked goods made with real food ingredients that won’t leave you feeling crummy.

So you can learn not only how to make fudge, gingerbread men, sugar cookies, and almond flour cookies, but also duck l’orange, glazed ham, roast lamb, challah, home-cured lox, and Thanksgiving turkey.  Add the side dishes like yorkshire puddings, grain-free crackers, caramelized apples, sourdough crumpets, and split pea soup and you’ll be in holiday real food heaven!

The class is normally $149, but is on sale for the holiday season at $89.  This is what you get in the entire class (besides all the fun of creating so many delicious foods for the holidays!): [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Well I don’t know about you, but this year Thanksgiving really snuck up on me.  I was talking to my husband yesterday and he mentioned that his sister was flying into town this week and I was jolted into reality.  It’s time to make pies!  Thanksgiving is next week!

I love making pie.  I also love roasting turkey, making green bean casserole, soaking buttermilk biscuits, mashing potatoes and whisking gravy.  But my real love is pie.  Jack Handy said it best:

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it’s not, mmmmmmmm, boy.”

Exactly.  There’s a reason I have three different pie dough recipes up on Our Nourishing Roots, and that was all within the first year of recipes!  Join me over the next week as I make a series of pies and share the pictures here and on my Facebook page.  I cannot promise pie heaven, but I think we will come close. [Read more…]

Wise Traditions WAPF Conference 2012 — November 7-11 Santa Clara, CA

WAPF conferenceIf you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a slew of silly pictures that I took with my phone while I was in California over the weekend.  Most of them were taken at the Hyatt in Santa Clara, just a stone’s throw from where I grew up in Northern California.  Why was I there?  Glad you asked!

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Wise Traditions Conference, which is every year in a different city in the U.S.  But more imporantly, Wise Traditions is where WAPFers and real foodies gather to eat grass-fed braunschweiger, naturally fermented teas and veggies, to try new flavors of fermented cod liver oil, and to buy books on tooth decay, lacto-fermentation, green living, nutrition, and other hippie dippy topics.  It was a real foodie nerd’s dream come true. [Read more…]

Happy & Healthy Holidays Online Class

Every holiday season I pull these recipes out and I make something that not only makes me feel good because it’s healthy and made with wholesome sweeteners and flours, but it’s delicious.  I strive to perfect my recipes here at Our Nourishing Roots, so that they are tried and true and really work.  I appreciate that that is what Jenny does as well, so I can trust that her recipes will turn out well and taste amazing.

I absolutely adore Nourished Kitchen.  Jenny is a beautiful writer and photographer, as well as an excellent chef.  She was there for me when I started my real food journey, providing clear instructions and gorgeous recipes to help me feel confident that I could embrace a traditional diet.

It’s no wonder that I am completely in love with her Happy & Healthy Holidays Online Class; I highly recommend it. This 10-class course is normally $149 but is being offered for 40% off through November 21st: only $89.  Plus, you get lifetime access to the videos, menus, and recipes.

[Read more…]

One Year Anniversary of Our Nourishing Roots!

Can you believe it?  I have been writing on Our Nourishing Roots for one year.  It’s official! They say that the first year of writing a blog is the hardest.  You have to build your readership, write excellent content, and learn everything for the first time.  You find your voice, you work crazy hours, and you have fun with it.

What a year!  I wrote my first e-book.  I did the GAPS diet, and then reintroduced carbs while attempting to repair my metabolism.  I realized a few things about stress and sleep.  I read Diet Recovery and fell in love.  Reject dieting.  Embrace who you are.  Live in the moment.  Work with your body.  A lot of life lessons there, and they all ring true to me.

I also made a lot of amazing desserts during the first year of ONR, if I do say so myself.  I have a philosophy that you should enjoy your food.  And that desserts are not “bad” or “indulgent”.  They are simply another food to eat, savor, enjoy, and let nourish your cells and your body.  If forced to choose, my top five favorite desserts around my house are: [Read more…]

Go Grain-Free E-Course

Going grain-free is all the rage these days.  In particular vogue are the paleo and primal diets, based on the idea that our ancestors did not eat grains.  Well, it turns out that paleo and primal diets miss the mark with regard to ancestry: we did eat grains, at least for the last 10,000 years. Grains are definitely a traditional food that Dr. Weston A. Price saw in his study of traditional diets.

But even so, modern wheat truly is much different than the grains of thousands of years ago.  It’s higher in gluten, and harder to digest.  And we have greater amounts of stress bombarding us in our society as well.  One wonderful alternative to grain woes: soak, sourdough, and sprout grains to make them more digestible.  Even better, you can order ancient grains, like the einkorn wheat found on my resource page.  But sometimes, this is not enough.

This is where the Go Grain-Free Class comes in.  I know that you eventually want to get back to grains.  But maybe right now you need to know how to cook without grains.  Maybe you are cooking for someone in your family with autism, and you are on the SCD or GAPS diet.  Maybe you have a bona fide case of celiac disease, and you cannot digest grains.

Fear not!  Jill of Real Food Forager has created an online class that takes all the guesswork out of going grain-free.  Click here to buy the entire 12 week course of the Go Grain-Free class for only $149.  Plus, if you use the coupon code “NOGRAINS”, you can get an additional $20 off, for a total of only $129. [Read more…]

GIVEAWAY: Nourished Baby E-book

Do you know someone who is pregnant for the first time?  Do your kids only eat a handful of foods, and refuse to try new ones?  Have you wondered what cravings mean when you are breastfeeding?  Did it ever cross your mind that there was a way to truly nourish your body, and the bodies of your children?

A mother and researcher, Heather over at Mommypotamus has agreed to give away two free copies of her excellent e-book Nourished Baby.  The information in this e-book is so vital to those in the middle of getting ready for pregnancy, currently pregnant, readying for birth, with a new baby, or with young children.  Even if your children are older, it’s never too late to rethink their nutrition and health capability.

Learn about baby’s first foods, cravings, vaccinations, breastfeeding, birthing, and more in Nourished Baby!  It’s the perfect gift for any mama in your life.

The giveaway is closed, but you can still purchase a copy of Nourished Baby here!

WINNER of the Cultures for Health Giveaway

Earlier this week I hosted a giveaway of three starters from Cultures for Health: one yogurt, one set of kefir grains, and one sourdough starter.  I love Cultures for Health!!

As of this morning, I have picked a winner!  The name is announced below the fold. [Read more…]

GIVEAWAY: THREE Starters from Cultures for Health

As I embarked on my real food journey, Cultures for Health quickly became one of my favorite resources.  By now, I have used them for years, and I have steadily recommended them to everyone that I know both in person and online.  I mean, look at that beautiful strawberry water kefir!

I have tried several of their starters over the years, and they never disappoint.  My first starter was a sourdough starter that worked beautifully and helped me gain confidence in the kitchen as I learned about traditional foods.

So that is why I’m so excited to do a giveaway of THREE STARTERS from Cultures for Health!  If you win, you’ll be able to choose three different varieties and start making lacto-ferments at home like a boss.

[Read more…]

Q&A With Matt Stone

I love the picture of these sparkly ladies dancing.  They love their bodies.  And I love them!

Matt Stone wrote one of the most influential books that I have read in my lifetime.  I don’t mean overstate, as if it should also mean that much to you, too.  I simply mean that he speaks the truth.  The book is called Diet Recovery, and it’s not about new food rules or a new diet.  It’s about breaking the rules and focusing on the mechanisms and systems in the body that underlie most of our food obsessions.

Much in the same way that the Health at Every Size movement has really found the vein of truth in their approach to eating, sizism, and exercise, Diet Recovery gets to the heart of the matter.  Love your body the way it is.  Eat food and savor it!  Move around for pleasure!  Not because you “should”, but because you have a body that you appreciate and take care of.

After years of researching, both medical journals and nutrition books, Matt has pieced together the most comprehensive and realistic approach to nutrition that I have found.  You can get a copy of Diet Recovery here, which I have not only read personally, but found great success with.  I’ll be writing about my success so far in a subsequent post. [Read more…]