Dark Chocolate Almond Milkshakes (Fruit-Sweetened)

Dark Chocolate Almond Milkshakes (Fruit-Sweetened)

If you have children going trick-or-treating tonight, then a fair trade for some of their candy would be making them this milkshake in exchange.  This is the bargain that I have made with my son, who is on GAPS* (buy Gut and Psychology Syndrome here) to heal his chronic ear infections.  I will buy his candy from him with quarters and bouncy balls and stickers.  But I have also been making him special treats that are not just GAPS-legal, they are delicious to anyone who isn’t on a restrictive diet.

Last Friday I made Butternut Cupcakes with Cardamom Buttercream for him to take to school so he would have a treat to eat at his kindergarten party with his friends.  And today I am making this special frosty for him and his brother, to have after they go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  I doubt they will even miss their candy with all these goodies ready to be claimed at home.

My husband has always been the one in our family who does not really enjoy sweets.  He likes to have dark chocolate for a treat, or perhaps a cheesecake that has a simple fruit topping.  So I knew when I tried this milkshake that he would be the one whose tastebuds would tell me if I was on the right track.  I have also come a long way from my sugar-fiend days, especially when I am on GAPS and not used to very much sugar.  Well, he approves, and so do I, and so do my kids, so here it is!

Dark Chocolate Almond Milkshakes
serves 4

1 cup raw yogurt, 24-hour yogurt if on GAPS (buy yogurt starters here) (how to make yogurt here)
1 cup almond butter, preferably soaked and dehydrated almonds (buy nut butter here)
3 ripe bananas, peeled and broken into pieces
1/4 cup cocoa powder (buy cocoa powder here)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon almond extract (get almond extract here)
1 1/2 cups ice

  1. Layer all the ingredients in a blender in the order listed.  Blend until smooth and there are no large pieces of ice left.  If needed, turn off the blender and scrape down the sides to get everything incorporated.
  2. Pour into tall glasses, add a straw, and garnish with chopped almonds if desired.  It adds a delicious crunch at the end of the smoothie!

*GAPS stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”, and is a healing protocol that you can follow anywhere from 6 month to 2 years in order to heal chronic disease, severe food allergies, or mental illness.  See the Introduction Diet here, and the Full GAPS Diet here.

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