I’m on fire today.  I am burning with so many things to say about my body, women’s bodies, and the culture of body hatred that we live in.  Do you know why?  Because I am ablaze with a renewed realization: that my body is perfect the way it is.  Just try to tell me it’s not.  I will have words for you.

Today is International No Diet Day.  It feels quite appropriate that I would be feeling indignant and fiery about defending my body against the relentless beating down I feel whenever I take a bite of food, eat sugar on purpose, take a day off from working out, admit that I am hungry.

I said this earlier today on my Facebook page:

Why do I embrace my body the way it is?

There is a tendency to assume a lot about fat people. That they are lazy, that they overeat, that they don’t care about their bodies.

And as an overweight person, there is added pressure that I shouldn’t eat too much, because I am already fat. I feel that pressure every time I eat in front of someone. Every time I am out somewhere in public. And yet I need nourishment for my body just like anyone else of any size. This pressure not to eat too much, or least not to eat too much in front of people has really caused some disordered eating over the years.

The cruel irony is that fat people should probably do the opposite of what we think they should. We watch The Biggest Loser and listen to conventional wisdom and think “calorie restriction AND working out will solve all my problems”. And everywhere you look that package is waiting to be sold to you. This diet, that workout regime, this supplement. It’s a RACKET.

This is what happens when you EAT THE FOOD: Your body gets enough energy to use for how much movement you want to do. As a woman, if I sat around all day, I would burn 2,000 calories doing nothing. And if I go to the gym, lift weights, take walks, get active, then I will burn more.

I am losing weight eating 3,000 calories a day. In the last 3 weeks I am down 8 pounds. I got myself moving a little every day doing something I love (dancing, or lifting weights).

Reject diets. Eat the food. Lift heavy things. Love your body.

In response to this, one of my FB commenters said “Eat, Lift, Love?”, to which I say a resounding YES!  That is exactly what I am saying.  

Reject Diets.  Then: Eat the Food.  Lift Heavy Things.  Love Your Body.

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