Food Freedom: Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk Rights

Food Freedom: Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk Rights

I know that I already posted today, but I want to give all my readers a heads up on the raw milk fight.  There is a chilling standoff right now in Canada over the country’s laws regarding raw milk.  Several days ago, Food Safety News covered the then-20-day fast, outlining the laws as essentially being that you can not have raw milk in Canada, unless you own your own cow.

Michael Schmidt is a dairy farmer in Ontario, Canada who is currently on day 25 of his hunger strike aimed at food freedom and the right to unpasteurized, or raw, milk.  Michael has a history of advocacy with the raw milk debate, and the only request he has in order to end his current hunger strike is to meet with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

So what can you do?  

You can join us tomorrow,  in a Raw Milk Solidarity Fast to support Michael.  All you need to do is drink only raw milk for 24 hours.  No food, just raw milk.  This is the act that we can take to remind us of what Michael Schmidt is giving up for our food freedom.  He is subsisting on only water, not even his beloved raw milk.

Please join the Facebook group to support Michael Schmidt here.  As of this writing, we are almost to 4,000 members!  You can also add raw milk supporters that you know on Facebook to our group by clicking on the “Add Friends” button after you join the group.  Thank you for your support!

Contact Premier Dalton McGuinty.  You can comment on his Facebook page here (although he has been deleting our comments, and even banning us from commenting there!).  And you can send him a message on Facebook here, his personal account.  If it’s easier, write him a message here on this form (very easy!):

Some have also been calling his office at to talk to the assistants about this important issue.  I have heard they can feel the weight of our campaign to raise awareness.  They are also willing to talk to us, to hear our side of the raw milk debate.

Food Freedom: Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk Rights

You can find Dalton McGuinty here, and what people are saying about the issue here.  I have even tweeted at the British Monarchy,

 You can see mine here, which is also the picture at the top of this post.  I hope that enough of us speak up that more join us on the side of nourishing, clean, raw milk.  (If you have never bought raw milk, find your local source here.)

And finally, here is a list of posts regarding this issue.  Please show your support by reading them, commenting, or simply doing just one or two of the items on my list here.