GAPS Challenge: How Did it Go?

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Starting January 15 of last month we all took on the GAPS Challenge.  There were three different options: going gluten/grain-free, doing the Full GAPS Diet, and doing the Intro Diet complete with Intro Diet ebook.

Every week I posted a thread here on Our Nourishing Roots to see how you were all doing.  You shared your progress and questions, and you all supported each other.  Very inspirational!  I want to thank all of you for making the GAPS Challenge the success that it was.  I could not have done this without you.

So now let’s talk results.  I’d love to get us all talking in the comments about how this went for any of you who participated.  Think about the first day, the middle of the 30 days, and the very last day.  Think about how you felt when you were done.

  1. Which option did you choose: gluten-free, grain-free, full GAPS, or Intro GAPS?
  2. What die-off did you experience?  How long before it cleared up?
  3. How was your energy?  Down at first, but then improved toward the end?
  4. How did you sleep?  Did you make an effort to get ample time for sleeping?
  5. Did you cheat?  What cheats did you allow?  Were there symptoms of die-off that flared up after cheating?
  6. How has the GAPS challenge changed your perspective on making stock?  Does it seem easier now?
  7. Would you recommend the GAPS Challenge to family and friends?  Why or why not?
  8. If you did gluten-free, do you think going grain-free would be easier now?  If you did full GAPS, do you think you’d be better prepared to take on the GAPS Intro diet?
  9. After you finished the GAPS Challenge, did you jump right back in to regular eating, or did you ease back slowly?
  10. Has the GAPS Challenge changed your diet in any permanent ways you find sustainable?

Those are some good questions, huh?  I don’t know if I even know all the answers to them, but they are definitely thought provoking!  Ultimately, only you can decide what’s best for your body.  And if you are a parent, then you might also be able to decide what is best for your children or family members.

Just remember that a dogmatic approach can be harmful.  GAPS is a healing protocol that is temporary.  GAPS followers should not think that grains are bad for everyone all the time.  You are just giving them up for a season.

For many people, a few months on GAPS (or even just one month!) is enough to do significant healing.  For others, it may take longer.  But hopefully now you know that you can do it.  30 days is an attainable goal that most people can accomplish, but it can also be the beginning of a larger goal, like doing GAPS for 6 months or another length of time.

Now that the GAPS Challenge is over, now what?  Try a different version of the GAPS Challenge.  If you went gluten-free, try going grain-free for a month.  If you tried full GAPS, try doing the GAPS Intro diet for 30 days.  If you haven’t tried that with the aid of this ebook, then take it on.  You can do it!

You might even be in a similar situation as I am: transitioning out of the GAPS diet.  I did the GAPS Challenge with you all, but I went gluten-free for the 30 days as I transitioned back to grains.  Now I am eating sprouted flour without any negative symptoms!  I’ll be writing more on that soon.

For now, give yourself a hand.  You made it!  Please share in the comments how it went for you!

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  1. GAPS has been really healing for my body. I’m still on the Intro Phase…but I intend on doing the full GAPS diet for the two years. I’ve been doing good till I started drinking coffee again…but I”m getting backon the bandwagon as of today…and I’m feeling better again. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of CAlifornia, Heather 🙂

  2. We started with the intro and now are on full GAPS. Our cheats would be dried fruits (that may be allowed), store bought Stonyfield full fat yogurt with honey. Behavior was improved. Irratibilty vanished. Sleep improved. My son and my back stopped hurting and we weren’t having to spend a ton of money on the chiropractor. When we had something we couldn’t, like bananas still bother us, then we don’t sleep well or can’t go to sleep. Two of my children had unripe bananas and flipped out. Potatoes were tried and couldn’t sleep and one who ate way too many was sick of his stomach. The first 2 days were the hardest because of being tired (probably die off). We did the detox baths. Mostly had broth with every meal but not necessarily as soup or a drink. We started juicing early with cod liver oil. We did have to do enemas more as the age of the person increased. Weird how that was. The younger the person the better the BM. I’m still not right, but I’m 44. I would definitely recommend GAPS diet to others. My recommendation would include preparing food/stock weeks ahead of time so that when you’re tired it wouldn’t take much to cook. We bought the e-book “What can I eat now? ” We didn’t follow all those rules. Like the garlic. We didn’t do broth every meal for the first month but it was close. I still think it works even with those differences. We brought our own food to any event. Some nice people had fruit for us that ate even it wasn’t time yet for us to do so. I don’t know how long we’ll continue, since we didn’t have large issues like austism. Probably 6 months for sure, and then we’ll try sourdough bread. Kombucha we started early too. It’s been 6 weeks since we started.

  3. Great time for me to read this!!! I am on my second round of intro trying to heal RA, I am convinced it is the answer. I am only on day 5 of my second round though:/ So excited for squash pancakes and nutbread!!!!:)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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