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Going grain-free is all the rage these days.  In particular vogue are the paleo and primal diets, based on the idea that our ancestors did not eat grains.  Well, it turns out that paleo and primal diets miss the mark with regard to ancestry: we did eat grains, at least for the last 10,000 years. Grains are definitely a traditional food that Dr. Weston A. Price saw in his study of traditional diets.

But even so, modern wheat truly is much different than the grains of thousands of years ago.  It’s higher in gluten, and harder to digest.  And we have greater amounts of stress bombarding us in our society as well.  One wonderful alternative to grain woes: soak, sourdough, and sprout grains to make them more digestible.  Even better, you can order ancient grains, like the einkorn wheat found on my resource page.  But sometimes, this is not enough.

This is where the Go Grain-Free Class comes in.  I know that you eventually want to get back to grains.  But maybe right now you need to know how to cook without grains.  Maybe you are cooking for someone in your family with autism, and you are on the SCD or GAPS diet.  Maybe you have a bona fide case of celiac disease, and you cannot digest grains.

Fear not!  Jill of Real Food Forager has created an online class that takes all the guesswork out of going grain-free.  Click here to buy the entire 12 week course of the Go Grain-Free class for only $149.  Plus, if you use the coupon code “NOGRAINS”, you can get an additional $20 off, for a total of only $129.

I am genuinely excited that Jill has made this class.  I remember how difficult it was to learn how to cook and bake with almond flour and coconut flour, how to figure out all the ways to rethink breakfasts, lunches, and dinners without rounding out the meal with some kind of grain-based bread.  I mean, just look at the class schedule for the Go Grain-Free class!  It looks amazing!

Plus, you’ll get a massive amount of information to prepare you for the grain-free lifestyle.  There are over 150 printable recipes and 80 video tutorials included in the 12 week course.  What a true bargain, when you think of all the experience that Jill brings to the table.  She has been on the GAPS diet for over two years, so she knows her way around a grain-free kitchen!

Remember, if you purchase this class, you will have lifetime access to all the materials provided.  Plus, you don’t have to drive yourself to class!  You can just enjoying learning about cooking and baking grain-free from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is your computer, and you are ready to go.

You can use the coupon code “NOGRAINS” for $20 off the introductory price of $149 on the Go Grain-Free E-Course, but only through the end of this week.  So hurry and order the class now while it’s still only $129!

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