I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

Well I don’t know about you, but ever since I started eating real food I really started to rethink other aspects of health and wellness.

When I started soaking my oatmeal, I also started to read the labels of my hand soap and shampoo.

I started to wonder: Is my makeup toxic?  What is in body lotion to make it smell so good: chemical fragrance or essential oils?

If my skin absorbs nutrients just like my digestive system does from food, isn’t it just as important to use organic, food grade ingredients in my skin care and beauty care products? 


This is where DIY Organic Beauty comes into play.  Heather from Mommypotamus has written one of the best ebooks I have ever seen!  I really love it when someone writes something that fills a niche that I do not have time to fill myself.  Personally, I would rather write cocktail books, ha!

But that is the beauty of it (no pun intended), because all that work I could have done compiling beauty recipes that really work, I don’t have to do it anymore.  It’s done! DIY Organic Beauty is the ultimate guide to skin and beauty care for the natural community.

DIY Organic Beauty is found HERE.

I have known for a few years that there are ways to make your own beauty products at home, but I only make very basic recipes for myself.  By then, I give up looking for individual recipes because I get overwhelmed or irritated trying a million different recipes to find one I like.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Winter Scrub

Then I just seek out really great organic or local skin care lines that I could purchase, but even though they are high quality, they are also really expensive!  In the past, I had to simplify, saving my money for the skin care basics.  But I realize now that I can have the best of both worlds!

Mommypotamus not only has all the recipes in one place, but they are all simple.  And even though they are simple, they also feel elevated to a certain level so that you feel pampered, taken care of, and special.

There is something so feminine and fun about getting little bottles and filling them with various skin creams and beautifying blends.  It brings out my inner tea-party-and-makeup little girl.  Plus, you buy one copy of DIY Organic Beauty, and you are all set.

It’s so nice to have all the information, and from a tried and true source.  Heather always writes such informative and useful posts, and she doesn’t leave these recipes up to chance.  She is so meticulous, and tries each recipe out herself.  So you know that these recipes will be the highest quality, and they won’t flop.

Homemade Bronzer

The table of contents reads like a dream: face soap, toner, cleansing masks, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, pomade, toothpaste, deodorant, bronzer, and even lip balm, and tooth whitener!  Plus, she makes sure to give different versions of many of the recipes, so that the resulting toner is perfect for your skin type, or the essential oil blend is beneficial for your particular needs. I’m a little giddy reading through it, I’m not gonna lie!

Get started today!  Grab a copy of DIY Organic Beauty HERE.  It’s a great gift for your friend, your mother, daughter, wife, or just for yourself! 🙂  Enjoy!

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