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(See the 30 Day and 60 Day updates.)

I have been through a lot in the past year.

I stopped restricting my diet.  I gained more than 50 pounds because of it.  I saw my temperature soar as my energy came roaring back to life.  (That’s just how it goes when you start eating the food.)

And then I saw myself lose it all when I had a breakdown and crisis that pushed me back into treatment for my PTSD related to the abuse and trauma I hadn’t resolved from my childhood.  My temperature dropped again, my energy disappeared, I couldn’t sleep, I shut myself off from people, and I gained more weight.

But then, I saw a glimmer.  I saw myself climb out of the hole.  I was tenderly rebuilt by friends, family, and my truly amazing therapist.  I asked for support from the people who loved me, and they stood with me.  

My weight stabilized.  I started sleeping deeply again.  I started getting up off the couch and moving again.  I went for walks.  I hiked on the weekends.  I found Go Kaleo and started talking with her about the possibility that I could have before and after photos like hers.

For the first time (because she has done it herself) someone said to me: “YES.  You can absolutely get fit and ripped and not be fat any more.”  And I believe her.  It is oh so important to have someone believe in you, so that they get it.  I can’t just walk up to any trainer and tell them that I want to lose weight by eating the food.  They probably won’t get it.  But fortunately, Amber gets it.  Chandelle gets it.  Fit Mama Training gets it.  I trust them.

Let me illustrate: I am working with Amber from Go Kaleo behind the scenes.  She’s not going to tell me to restrict my calories to the 1200-1500 range (been there, done that), she’s not going to tell me to work out all day long, she’s not going to shame me for being fat or not having enough will power, she’s not going to judge my food choices, she’s not going to send me into Diet Land or Fad Workout land, she’s not going to tell me to do a million hours of cardio, and she’s not going to see my worth correlated to a number on the scale.

So I trust these people.  They are my support as I start my body transformation.  And it’s not just them.  It’s all the other people who are tired of dieting, tired of yo-yoing, tired of restrictive eating (both calories and food choices), and tired of being fat, too.

Are you tired?  Do you want some company?  I am here.  This is where I am.  Let’s do this.

See, I didn’t really believe that I would ever slim down again.  I’m still skeptical on some days, like when I weighed myself for the first time in a year just a few days ago.  280 pounds.  I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks.  How did this happen?  The heaviest I have ever been before now was after having my 4-year-old son E and I checked in at 235.

I have tried so many different things, and none of them has worked.  It’s time to just eat good food, enough to support the energy I want, and to work out until I am ripped.  I want to be strong.  I want to feel good.  I want to be able to sign up for a dance class, a softball team, to play sand volleyball and tag at the park.  I want to have a body that it as energetic as my mind.  LET’S DO THIS.

This weight loss story is different.  I don’t hate the pounds that I shed.  I don’t think I have “let myself go”.  This isn’t a punishment.  It’s a revelation.  Time to get moving.

So here’s what is happening from now on.  This is how the weight will come off over the next year and beyond:

  • I am only going to eat enough calories to support my activity level.  This is NOT less than 2,000.  Right now it’s hovering around 2,500 because I’m so tired that I sit most of the day and then get myself moving for 1-2 hours at the gym or walking.  And as I get leaner and more energetic, this number may climb as high as 3,000 calories per day, or even more.  The proof will be in the pudding: am I leaner, am I losing weight, am I getting stronger, am I feeling better?  Then I’m on the right track.  I’m going to play with that.
  • I will get 8 hours of sleep or more every night.  If I miss sleep, I will make it up until it is reclaimed.  Sleep is incredibly important to weight loss, metabolism, and stress.
  • I am not going to restrict food choices.  I will eat gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, veggies, fruits, meat, and even the occasional fast food.  Yep, I admit it!  Carbs are not the problem here.
    • There will be savory dinners, bowls of ice cream, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners filled with a varied, macronutrient-positive kaleidoscope of real foods.
    • No going low carb, no going low fat, no going vegan, no going “clean”.  Just real food.  And no foods are bad foods (though I am talking about actual food here, not frankenfoods that are highly processed.)
  • I will manage stress.  This means that I will watch my temperature, I will get support when I need to process, I will laugh, I will run around with my kids, I will communicate clearly.
  • The point is to MOVE and get STRONG.  This is what matters to me.  Not a number on the scale, though that is a very useful way to measure my progress.
  • I will weigh myself every month and put up an update.  You are welcome to do this with me and leave your progress in the comments.  Please do!
  • I will report to my support people every day to be accountable for what I do that day.  EVERY DAY.  In fact, I will put a thread on my Facebook page for you to report what you are doing, too.  Just comment there and you will have a support group.  Yay!
  • I am going to do what I like, and I’m going to push myself!
    • I will dance to the Wii every day for at least 30 minutes, but more like 45+.
    • I will go outside at least once and walk around, play with my kids, breathe fresh air, and just be.
    • I will lift weights at least twice a week, but three times is optimal: a combination of free weights and weight machines will do, but I prefer the freer forms like kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.
    • A typical weight-lifting day is about 8 of the following, done in the proper form, with smooth motions, as heavy as I can go while still getting 5-10 reps for 3-4 sets:
      • squats
      • power cleans
      • lunges
      • calve raises
      • lat pull downs
      • pull ups
      • dips
      • chest press
      • incline press
      • butterflies
      • bicep curls
      • rows
      • push ups
      • dead lifts
      • outer thighs
      • inner thighs
      • leg press
      • leg lifts
      • crunches
      • twists
      • scissors
      • and so on

A lot of the references I have made in this post are part of the Metabolism Bundle, which is made up individually of Eat for Heat, Diet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, and 180 Degree Metabolism.  I recommend the bundle, since it’s the best deal and the most informative.

I also recommend reading Taking Up Space by Amber at Go Kaleo.  She’s speaking my language.

Finally, please check out my Anti-Diet Challenge, which is growing into something bigger and more meaningful every day.  This post is just the latest in my rejection of the diet industry and my embrace of my whole self, both today and tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck Kendahl! I think this plan sounds excellent, I have found that when I focus on working out and fitness to feel good and to take care of myself it goes much better than when I do it to be thin. You’re making me want to pick up a little more wii dancing too. 🙂

  2. Friend. You are beautiful. Inside and out. So excited to watch you on this journey. You speak my language, that’s for sure! Hugs.

  3. You are awesome Kendahl! Very inspiring post. I look forward to reading about your progress. I love your rejection of the chronic dieting, striving for a sickly body, hate yourself, female worth measured by looks, superficial attitudes!! I think that point of view is incredibly mentally and physically damaging, maybe even more so than being overweight.

    • I agree. And I would even say that it is definitely more damaging than being overweight, because the weight seems to be a reflection of the mental.

  4. Debbie Young says:

    Girl YOU WILL DO THIS LIKE A BOSS!!! So stoked that you are working with Amber, so cannot wait for your updates. No pressure.. ha ha All the best! Deb

  5. Hot Dog!! I am so excited to watch you rock this!!

  6. Kendahl,

    Thank you for this post! I’m currently -10 from starting at 243lbs, doing basically what you’ve summarized here. I’m just taking the mathematical approach of calories-in/calories-out, and not restricting certain kinds of foods. I’ve also shifted towards eating more whole, simpler, cleaner foods. Also do about 75% of my food shopping at the Phoenix Public Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays 🙂 It is good to see you addressing this and making a conscious acknowledgment and commitment. Inspired! Let’s do it!

  7. Good for you! It will be awesome to watch your progress and journey. Just want to make sure of one thing…you’ve had your complete thyroid checked, right? Just want to make sure that you don’t have a physical ailment that you might need to be mindful of! Just checking…best wishes to you!

    • I have! This was one of the first things I did with Amber’s help: get a full blood panel done. I’m weirdly low in vitamin D and my blood sugar is a little high, but still normal. Good thing I haven’t deteriorated that much before I decided to do this!

      • Hi Kendahl! Thanks for this post! Do you mind sharing how you went about doing a complete blood panel? Did Amber suggest a specific lab? Did she help you interpret the results? I’m looking to have a complete blood panel done and am not sure how to find someone to help me interpret the results! Thanks!

        • She just had me do a regular ol’ blood test, covering all the bases. And you just want to see if anything is out of the “normal” ranges. The doctor’s office can do most of that for you, but if not I would ask Amber for a recommendation 🙂

  8. This is a great thing you are doing. And you will be great (you already are)! I’d suggest keeping a journal. Write a little before bed each night to reduce stress but also to express positive vibes. And I have found with myself and with clients that there is nothing better than to hand write then to use a computer. Lights Out is a great read on sleep and its importance. Good luck!!

    • For SURE!. It’s hard for me to get to bed and have a good transition to bed. But I’m getting there. No screens really helps (TV is the last intrusive).

  9. You go! Love the concept of “anti-diet”… eat what you need

  10. I love Just Dance on wii. So much fun!! Find some kind of activity that you love and you will stick to it. Another good one is Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds (or any of her walk dvds). They are fun and you can “walk” a mile in 15 minutes. My son likes to do these with me. I can’t wait to see your updates 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for posting this, I got a little teary while reading. I am right there with you- I am a 44 yr old, quit smoking a year ago and trying to regain my life, I have spent too much time beating myself up for letting my life become sooo lazy, I will not adhere to the diet fad, but am making strides to include healthy choices when it come to my food, I have a wonderful, wonderful trainer-my son, who is currently finishing his BS in Exercise Science, he once weighed almost 300 lbs and now is at 210 and very fit and happy. I have complete trust in him as he knows what choices we both have made and where we need to go. I am in it with you, we can and will do this and we will do it healthy.

  12. Ryan Millecam says:

    I like this. But don’t you have some dashing, athletic husband who runs, trains for sprint triathlons, plays ultimate and does all sorts of other cool things and who is going weight-lifting with you? I feel like we need to hear more about him. Until we do, we’re not getting the whole picture. 😉

  13. So excited to keep up with your progress as I move towards my own goal.

    I finally stepped off the diet/low-fat/non-fat/chemical laden bandwagon at the end of 2011. I saw some real weight loss before I was sidelined with a major infection and surgery. Now that’s behind me and I’m excited to move more (in whatever shape and form) and eat real food…as much as my body needs!

    Go Kendahl!! 🙂

  14. Thank you for being brave! Thank you for being so motivational! Thank you for being awesome!!! I have been a fan of your page and am on a journey of my own. You are an inspiration! 🙂

  15. I love your courage to be real. Sounds like you have a great plan. I recently lost 100 lbs in about a year. Here is my story

  16. I would say that if you haven’t self tested for gluten problems to try going GF for 30 days and then see if you have a problem with it. If you have a food sensitivity then your body could be “starving” and constantly feeling hungry and unsatisfied. That was one of the biggest factors in my WL.

    • I don’t believe in the paleo anti-gluten thing. Wheat and gluten is not the problem: being sedentary and restricting carbs is what the problem is. If your metabolism is working well and burning hot, then eating gluten or not eating gluten is just minutiae. I was gluten-free and grain-free for a while when I did GAPS for 10 months, and I initially lost 50 pounds, and then gained it all back when I ate grains again. To me this shows not that eating grains is the problem, but restricting a macronutrient backfires every time!

      • Nicole Reilly says:

        I absolutely agree with this statement. Thank you for speaking YOUR TRUTH!
        I look forward to witnessing your progress. I feel a connection to you as no other blogger out there. I have transitioned into working out 4 weeks ago and while I have not lost a single pound per se, I have gained muscle and lost inches and I absolutely LOVE myself even more than I did 4 weeks ago. You go girl! I’m rooting for you!

      • Maybe you should try just going gluten free, vs. grain free. There are tons of grains that will provide the macro nutrients you are mentioning.

        Just a suggestion. It just doesn’t seem to me that you are doing this a healthy way. Sugar? I know it is bad for you… unhealthy. So if your goal is to get healthy, putting unhealthy things in your body is not the best way.

        I am sugar free and I avoid a lot of gluten — not completely gluten free. But I eat plenty of other whole grains. Even starches like potatoes and rice. But I just know how bad sugar is for the body. I don’t need that. I need a body that is healthy, so I am putting good things into it.

        I will eat sprouted wheat, no problem.

        Good luck to you, I hope it works out.

        • Wow, body policing much? I didn’t ask if you thought what I was doing is “healthy” in your opinion. Why do you need to come and tell me that even though I have been eating grains and sugar and getting MORE energy and feeling BETTER, you are concerned that I am not doing this in a healthy way?

          Get ready for the weight loss while eating sugar, grains, gluten, and ice cream to blow your mind.

  17. I am so so so inspired by you, I don’t even have the words to tell you how inspirational you are! I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS, and occasionally I get a few off, but as soon as I get off the restrictive diet, they always come back on. I stumbled across ETF, and it was like a weight (no pun intended) was lifted off my shoulders. You mean I don’t have to starve to lose weight? You mean I should actually EAT? Now my main focus is on getting exercise. Right now I’m walking and doing yard work (it’s spring, donchaknow), and I’m looking for ways to add weight training that doesn’t involve going to the gym. So you know what, my intention is to visit this site ALL THE TIME and watch your progress, while having my own! Did I mention I was inspired? I love that you posted pictures! I avoid the camera–but why? Why??? I hereby vow to love my miraculous, imperfect body, and to embrace HEALTH!

  18. Rochelle says:

    If only we could get an independent tv show, showing weight lose naturally, by eating real food, natural, organic, pastured meat products, butter, bacon, etc. It would be amazing. People would not be killing themselves, causing needless injuries to hurry and lose weight. I started eating real food and haven’t had a lot of time for exercise. I have already lost 12 pounds in two months! It is exciting and I can’t wait to see where this eating healthy journey takes me. I am not feeling deprived at all. Congrats on your goals and eating real food. I wish you well on your journey and thanks for sharing with us and enlightening the masses about real food!

  19. I love you! I’m rooting for you!

  20. Kathleen says:

    I’m so excited to follow your journey! I’m skeptical (sorry, brainwashed by conventional diet advice), but hope that it works for you. If it does, I will be joining you. I’m so tired of counting calories, being hungry, exercising like crazy and not losing weight (I know I just basically said that conventional dieting doesn’t work either!)

    • Ha! I was in your place for a while, and I still have skeptical days. But I have made the switch over and I feel good about it. We will see where I am in May!

  21. Go girl! So glad to see weight training in your plan. It will make the most long-term difference! I like the lifting program set forth in The New Rules of Lifting For Women (frequently abbreviated as NROL4W) – which essentially says we should lift just like guys. It make sense – we’re different genders, not different species! It does a good job of setting out a lifting program for beginners and semi-experienced lifters alike. If you find yourself needing a specific lifting plan, this one is good. Also, the nutrition section says “Eat a good balance of A LOT of food!” Yes! Shout it from the rooftops! EAT FOOD!! Fuel your body!

  22. Renee Kohley says:

    Oh YAY! I’m so excited to see you take this on! If I weren’t pregnant right now I would totally be joining in! I do have to tell you a cool story though! In the last year and a half I have made the same changes and been following this fantastic anti diet advice although I have gained some weight I have felt better and this is baby #3 and while I was the typical morning sickness during the first trimester I have energy through the roof since the second trimester. This is my first pregnancy not restricting my diet in some way. My first pregnancy I was still low fat – dumb. My second baby I was officially switched over to real food but I was so brainwashed into Paleo/no grains. I never had energy. That was my worst pregnancy. I threw up all the time. This pregancy I have grains at every meal and eat whatever I want and what sounds good. I listen to my body and I feel great 🙂 Thank you for your story! I can’t wait to follow! And I can’t wait to hop on board with baby weight loss later on after my nursing season 🙂

    • Oh, that’s really interesting! I hope your pregnancy continues to go well. That’s awesome that you are so in tune this time around. Sometimes it takes a while to unlearn the dogma…

  23. so true. I never say I am on a diet. I say I am eating healthy for me! I have treats and Friday is dr. pepper day. I try to eat as best I can and exerciese and not beat myself up for having something I want!

  24. Hi Kendahl – I am right there with you! I am increasing my wealth too as I improve my health. Please take a look at this CLEANSE/NUTRITION/OPPORTUNITY… and we can do this together. I am in Orlando and have 100-120lbs to go. The energy level you will is phenomenal. Just starting and knowing it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE… not a diet! .. Look forward to maybe chatting !!! Take a look at the opportunity and give me a call!! Blessings!!

  25. Jessawhy says:

    I haven’t checked in here for a while, so I was expecting food, not a challenge to find your strong body.

    I’m really proud of you. This is a great goal and I’m so glad that you are working towards it without shame.

    There’s a woman in my Zumba class who has lost 120 lbs. I have her join me on stage for a song almost every week and announce her success to my class. I still cry every week because I know how much more she is able to do and enjoy with her stronger body.

    Wishing you all the best. You have my love and support.

  26. Good for you, Kendahl! You are such an inspiration. I applaud your bravery for showing everyone your starting point and look forward to following your progress. When you’re having an “off” day you can surely come back to all of these comments and remember we’re all in this together, learning together and supporting one another. Love you for that!

  27. I believe in you too. And I really believe in the approach you are taking. Way to go!

  28. Carol G. says:

    You will do fine and once you start to see results (have patience) you will have no problem knowing you can reach and maintain a healthy weight. You will feel so good and your self esteem will sky rocket.

    I lost 34 lbs. over the last year. It had been slow, but sure. I used weight watchers counting points to know how much to take it, but my twist on it was that I ate only whole, full fat foods and when I reached the point allowance for the day I munched on various raw veggie salads I made if I was hungry. I actually ate more than I did before.

    While 34 lbs. does to seem like a lot over a year, however I lost it without being able to exercise as I spend a lot of time in bed due to a disc issue that causes pain in my back. I cannot stand or sit upright (I need to slouch with pillows) for longer than about a half of an hour, an hour at best until I begin to feel some pretty intense pain. I do indulge in pain killers so the down time is totally necessary. I can only imagine how much I could have lost if I could exercise.
    I have about 40 more pounds I want to loose to reach my goal weight.

    With your plan of attack you should do well. Just one warning. For about every twenty lbs. lost you will have to replace your clothes. It sure is nice to have to complain about your clothes being to big for a change. LOL! Wishes for success!

    • Carol G. says:

      Darn auto-correct! It changed my words. That was supposed to read that I do NOT take pain meds.

      Oh, and the veggie salads I made included fresh veggies and cultured veggies. I always included coconut oil and whole milk cheese and kefir each day as well.

  29. Wonderful, Kendahl! Thank you for sharing your journey. 🙂

  30. Thank you – I posted in words what I weighed a year ago…surprisingly (because this isn’t the reason I did it), it freed me from a lot of anxiety and guilt…I still haven’t found the answer so I am very interested in your journey. I had a thyroid crash last summer and have yet to fully recover. My doctor has me eating low carbs but I feel like I can’t follow his 100g carbs a day and be healthy. I AM making healthier choices but…

    It is frustrating…I am tired of working hard and being obsessed and seeing movement the opposite direction. I am ready to be healthy AND don’t think it is too much to ask for my weight to move too. Sigh.

  31. You Can Do It! Love your approach. Worked for me and is still working. Three years ago and about 35 to 40 pounds heavier I went to a boot camp. class run by my daughter. I left embarrassed and in tears in my car determined to go back and regain my health

  32. Sorry, hit wrong button. I had been eating real food for awhile. Had to go gluten free due to intens gastro problems, fibro, thyroid issues, ibs, joint problems. The fact that I even made it thru any workout was and is amazing. Gut is healing. Adding back in gluten slowly as sourdough. Never gave up grains but do feel better with more fat and protein but can’t give em up. Amazing what we and our bodies can do. Best shape of my life but I don’t get on a scale, ever. And, I eat alot without putting on lots of weight, not counting about 5 winter pounds ( live in N Indiana.) Cheering you on!!!! (i use my clothing to judge if I am putting on weight, that and my face). Totally sick to my stomach with conventional, low calorie, low fat, ADA advice.

  33. Oh Kendahl. Tears in my eyes as I read your post. I am rooting for you and hoping for myself. Similar story to yours but quite a few years older, very little support and overloaded with stress. Change is in the works for me too. We can do it.

  34. I am so touched and inspired with your sharing for all of us! I am in the same boat as you…have really struggled for the past 3 years and can’t seem to get the weight to budge. I’m working with a professional, but am also my own researcher on all of this. I’m just thrilled to “walk” along side of you! Blessings on your journey……I want to say, “love ya!”, but I’ve never commented before, so that is goofy! :)~ But, I do love your blog…and now THIS! Yay!

  35. I’m rooting for you. I am trying the Matt Stone diet from Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery. I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and childhood trauma issues. At first I was sleeping better but then things with trauma got worse and now I wake up anxious at 4am most days and can’t get back to sleep. I try the sugar/salt mix and it helps a bit. But I’m still exhausted for most of the day. I’m trying to work through the trauma issues but some of my family is not at all supportive and I’m trying to work through that. Very depressed a lot but I’m still trying. Gaining weight but temperature isn’t moving above 97.6 in the morning. Wish I could figure out if I’m doing something wrong with my food choices or if it will just take time to get better after being sick for so long (17 years).

    • That’s such a challenge, especially when you are trying to get healthy and unhealthy family members sabotage you because healthy people speak the truth and you have become a threat. But you know you. Get your treatment, speak the truth, and let the secrets go. You don’t have to keep them. And you’ll sleep better and your temperature will go up, I bet. Sending you support from here. You are on the right path. Hang in there.

  36. I’ll do this with you! I just started an almost identical plan to lose 40 lbs. My philosophy is Cake Happens, and any plan that won’t accomidate that isn’t a plan that will serve me for life. Happy eating!

  37. says:

    I would love to do the along with you but have no clue where to start. I have very limited income, but want to d what you do. Any tips?

  38. This sounds very exciting! I’m really looking forward to your progress reports and going to try to take from your motivation!!!

  39. I’m with you. I support you!

  40. Best wishes to you! You can do it!

  41. You’re beautiful and brave. As a lady who lost 60 pounds by not dieting or exercising over 13 years ago (and kept it off), my heart and hat salutes you. XOXO

  42. Love this! Good for you!

  43. I like Matt Stone’s writing and I’d rather ‘eat the food’ than have cold hands. Loving your body is fundamental and I hope more women can discover the power of doing so through reading your journey. Well done!

  44. Gi Jewett says:

    I 110 pounds already!!! My only advice slowly, healthy is the way!!!

  45. Erin Waterbury says:

    I saw your Anti Diet challenge back in January but I wasn’t ready to consider it then. A host of things have come together in the last few weeks that drove me to look a bit more closely at 180degreehealth and last night my husband and I toasted (with some long missed beers) to no diets ever again. I look forward to reading about your journey as I travel along my own.

  46. You are so brave to go through putting on 50pounds in a year. Ive read Matt’s book and it certainly scares me to gain so much weight. The same thing happened to Cheeseslave, she gained loads too. Id be worried that it wouldnt come off. Wishing you the very best of luck.

  47. Good for you for putting this out there! Wishing you the best results! Go for it!

  48. Freezintxn says:

    Just last week I had the same anti-dieting epiphany…and am nervously getting my feet wet. I started dieting at 10. Never have I loved my body. And I do not know how to eat if I am not ‘on a diet’ (yes I do believe I have tried them all). I’m a little overwhelmed right now with all the ‘expert’ advice – but have determined that I have to figure out what works for my body. And I have to learn to love my body. Seeing your post makes me feel like I am not alone.
    I love the suggestions for journaling – going to give that a try. And I am going to continue to eat whole nourishing foods.
    I am just scared – this goes against everything I have been taught to believe all of my life. I do not want to jump on another bandwagon…

  49. BRAVO!

  50. Way to go Kendahl! You can do it!

  51. I am very excited for you. I am walking the path with you!

  52. Make sure to measure your waist, hip and appendage circufreneces, and if possible use a caliper to measure body fat. And more importantly, check how your clothes fit. I have stopped weighing myself since weight does not equal body fat. Best of success in all your efforts 😉

  53. The best part of this post? The confident look in your eye in the pics. That’s what I’m working on – loving myself as is.

  54. Everything you said here is exactly what’s in my own heart. You put it so perfectly. You are a total inspiration and I thank you for speaking out so clearly!

  55. I found you by “accident” and having read your post I believe it was no accident at all. I have been beating myself up over my weight gain lately and I know this is detrimental for ever being healthy. I am the worst for not eating. I just do not take the time. However I have found many pounds. So I need to try a different bent. I am thinking being more conscious of all this will be great first steps for me. Thank you for your openness. I am hoping to ride along with your journey. Consider me a cheerleader!

  56. Hey girl, you look radiant! I’m so glad you are blogging about this. I just wrote an article about weight-loss here and your story just proves it. The best part isn’t the weight-loss, but how much you love yourself and body!!!

    • May I ask where you are a year later – I am considering this “diet” if you will, and would like to know about long term outcomes.


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