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Ever since Halloween holidays have been sneaking up on me, and New Year’s is no exception.  But fortunately, I started getting smart a few weeks ago and planned ahead knowing that my calendar sense has been off for months.  I got all the celebrations and presents squared away for solstice and Christmas with no stress.  Quite the feat!  We not only enjoyed our understated Christmas morning, but had a wonderful time with family and cousins.

I even bought birthday presents for E, who is coming up on his golden birthday in a few days.  This year seems special for my boys, since M had his golden birthday last summer complete with my favorite cake of all time.

snowyboysNow we are visiting some of my family and former roommates from college up in beautiful snowy Utah.  We timed it perfectly: it snowed for 3 days and then we drove up from Phoenix just in time for the roads to be perfectly plowed, dry, and safe.  The blanket of perfectly white snow was absolutely gorgeous.  M barely remembers when we lived in Michigan and he used to play in the snow, and E had never seen snow before.

When we got out for a potty break at one point, both of my boys begged to touch the snow in the parking lot.  And M said “Mom!  If you move your head side to side like this, the snow is all sparkly!”  Their unbridled joy and enthusiasm is so infectious!  (As you can see from E’s face!)

In the month of December, there were many many excellent recipes, articles, posts, and pictures that I perused from other blogger friends and writers.  Here are my favorites that stand out in my mind:

  • This month was a big one for my blog:
    • I was past the year anniversary of Our Nourishing Roots
    • I have successfully launched and shared my two ebooks Natural Cocktails and REAL FOOD 101, Vol. 1 with you this year
    • I have found a renewed sense of self in my writing, sharing stories with you about my childhood growing up with pedophilia and how it connects to stress and weight
    • I have shared with you how I came to real food when my younger son E was born with a cleft lip and palate.
    • I have made so many awesome desserts!
  • I was genuinely tickled when I read this charming story about a blogger’s pearl-wearing 6-year-old daughter meeting the Queen of England.  I do hope they can laugh about it soon!
  • In 2013 I want to start learning more about essential oils and how to use them, so I was glad when I found this homemade cough remedy post.  I will be writing more about what different uses I find work for my family.  Stay tuned!
  • As an Irish lass, I like this idea of eating lucky foods for the new year.  These creamed collard greens look enticing.
  • This is the time of year when many people want to “lose holiday pounds” and they start working out and eating low calorie diets full of low-fat foods.  Stop it.  First of all: Diet Recovery and Eat for Heat.  Second of all: please stop buying low fat dairy!  It’s probably making you fat!
  • If you are grain-free or gluten-free, these double chocolate chip cookies look awesome: crispy and rich.  But if you’re like me, you are a sucker for chewy ginger cookies!
  • I have been noticing that I need down time from all my electronics and distractions during the day.  Taking time out can benefit your memory, too.
  • I have been making creme de cacao and coffee liqueur at home from my Natural Cocktails book in preparation for the new year.  I can’t wait to mix up White Russians and Mudslides for my friends!
  • Part of my new year’s resolution is to make more of my own green home items.  And the first one on the list?  Homemade hand soap!
  • I am always looking for tasty ways to incorporate more coconut oil into my diet, and especially my kids.  Coconut berry bites look like something my boys would love.
  • This year I have been paying attention to omega 3s and omega 6s, and macadamia nuts have really come to the rescue!  Macadamias are low omega 6s, and they make a killer nut butter to boot.
  • I agree with 9 of these 10 ways to boost your immune system.  Can anyone spot the one I don’t buy?  I also love these kinds of posts, since I can always use more ideas about how to kick a cold.
  • These salted caramels look amazing, and remind me of these salted caramel grain free shortbread cookies I make sometimes when I am feeling fancy.
  • In an effort to be more aware of where my food comes from, especially after growing up as a city girl, I read these farm to table stories like this one about Thanksgiving turkey.  Love it!
  • I still haven’t read much about it, but I find the idea of alkalizing foods really interesting.  This post is a good one to get those idea percolating.
  • It’s the time of year when colds, flus, and possibly ear infections are making the rounds at your house.  This garlic ear oil is a great tool to use before you need to resort to antibiotics!
  • This power breakfast parfait looks carbalicious!
  • I have been talking about making borscht for years now, since my husband used to eat it in Russia.  It’s time to finally make it, especially if it’s this family borscht recipe!
  • I love beeswax, and I found a few new ideas for it from this list of 10 uses for beeswax.
  • This blogger is speaking my flavor profile language!  Check out these cinnamon almond cookies with cardamom.  Yum!
  • I am not a fan of Dr. Oz, and this is just one more reason why: Dr. Oz talks about “poor people food”.
  • Even in Arizona it gets a little chilly, so we have been whipping up different hot cocoa recipes, and this one with homemade marshmallows is super delicious.
  • I’m sad to read things like this article about how real foods are disappearing in Europe, but I am glad that we can do something about it by being a stand for our good local and traditional foods wherever we live!
  • Dutch baby recipes are delicious any time of year, but I especially like them in cooler weather during the winter.  So warming and hearty!
  • I love almond paste!  After all, I am Italian.  I love that there is a recipe for how to make almond paste so I can stop buying it from the grocery store where it’s made with white sugar.

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  1. Kendahl, Thanks so much for sharing my story about my daughter and the queen! Wishing you a really wonderful 2013!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my recipe for Dutch Baby pancakes.

    Wishing you a wonderful new year!

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