Linky Links: February 2012


This month I found some really great reading to do thanks to my fellow real food and health bloggers.  I love perusing their latest thoughts, rants, and recipes.  It’s so much fun!

It also provides such a great environment to foster discussions that are complicated and sometimes difficult.  I know that from the few conversations I have had on my Facebook page with people who disagree on how many carbohydrates and grains we should eat. These are conversations that I believe are important.  As you know, I have gone from no grains back to grains in the last 2 months or so.  So this comes from personal experience!

Above all, I believe in having respectful and robust dialogue.  I want Our Nourishing Roots to be a place where we love discovery, and we have love for each other.  I declare this to be a place where we are vibrantly healthy, and that includes our minds!  Don’t be afraid of new ideas, or changing things up.  My greatest priority is to find joy in my life with real food.  It should be a pleasure to cook and try new things, not a burden or a source of stress. 

So I just want to go on record: I will keep making traditional foods, no matter what.  I will make grain-free treats and I will make grain-based treats, but they will always be based in traditional real foods!

So here is my list of recommended reading from the last month.  Please leave your links in comments so I can see what you’ve been reading, too.

My Reading List:

  • I have never done an enema, but I have heard of coffee enemas here and there on real food blogs the last couple of years.  Now that I have done so much detoxing via the GAPS diet and detox baths, perhaps I will learn how to a coffee enema and see how I feel.  Fascinating!
  • Even though I am now transitioning out of the GAPS diet, I love to read about how to make the GAPS diet easier or better understood.  I love this GAPS cheats post by Cara, very helpful.
  • Ever since Kirsten put this recipe up, I have been meaning to try it.  I love Orange Julius, and I literally have never made one at home.  I think the last one I had was as a teenager at the mall in California.
  • For all my mommy readers, here is an excellent step by step on how to make homemade baby formula the WAPF way.  Know that this formula is far superior than anything that you can buy at the store.  Of course, breast milk is the best thing you can feed your baby.  But if for some reason you cannot breast feed, know that this homemade formula is for you!
  • In a similar vein, here is Jenny’s take on baby-led weaning.  My kids are 6 and 3, so it’s been a little while since I have thought about the weaning process.  You are not alone if that is where you are with your child right now!
  • I have a lot of love for Matt Stone over at 180 Degree Health, it’s no secret.  I think he brings a lot of fresh perspectives on health and wellness.  I really enjoyed his recent take on how much water to drink.  I have made adjustments to what I think I “should” drink, and I feel better.  Really interesting stuff over there.
  • I also wrote this post on how to kick a cold, which I have seriously been referring to as I am kicking my cold.  Finally I have all my cold-kicking tips in one place, even for my own use!

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