Linky Links: February 2013


February was absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix.  Several days reached highs of 60s and 70s, prompting breezy T-shirts and slip on shoes.  We have been hiking a lot lately, especially on the weekends as a family.

Don’t hate me, People Who Live in the Snow.  Remember our summers!  This is all we have!  Don’t take it from us!

(But seriously, the weather has been awesome.)

February signalled a renewed burst of energy for me.  I am sleeping better and I have more energy than I have in months.  I can tell that my metabolism is taking a jump up to the next level.  W00t!

I don’t want to say that my Anti-Diet Challenge was a work of genius, but I am sure that it didn’t hurt my energy levels.  I feel better at the gym in particular.  I have been starting to follow a powerlifting-type workout schedule, inspired mostly by the before and after photos at Go Kaleo.

In fact, I am thinking of taking some before photos to document the progress I make this year.  I can feel it. This is the year where my set weight point finally drops and I stop feeling sick and tired.  Don’t worry.  I will get up the nerve sooner or later to post the pictures.

  • Courtney has been staying at my house for the last few weeks as part of her Village Green Network (VGN) Tour.  We have been having so much fun!
    • We have been mixing up cocktails real food style!  This is significant because Courtney didn’t like alcohol before she came to stay.  You have to treat cocktails right and they will love you right back!
    •  Do you think alcoholic drinks aren’t for you?  You haven’t tried them like this!  Courtney wrote a delightful review of her favorite drinks here, complete with a dating drinking profile for each cocktail we have tried.
    • We have visited DaNelle’s farm of Weed ‘Em and Reap, held baby goats, milked mama goats, and tried the best raw goat’s milk I have ever tasted.  In fact, you can read this hilarious story about how DaNelle’s goat Polly gave birth to her baby in the most dramatic birth story I have ever read!
    • We have visited all kinds of Asian markets, herbal shops, and made lots of Indian food and authentic oxtail pho!
  • I am always appreciative of people who can read scientific studies and information better than I can.  Jill at Real Food Forager is no exception as she picks apart the HPV vaccine and why it carries very real risks to your health.
  • I am starting to get more into homemade household items, like these felted dryer balls.  The tutorial is so easy to follow!
  • I am done having babies, but I am stil passionate about healthy pregnancy and real food.  This post debunks pregnancy myths around raw fish and red wine, and highlights carefully researched pregnancy information from Food Renegade’s new book (and ecourse!) entitled Beautiful Babies.
  • If you order Beautiful Babies on Amazon, you can email Kristen the receipt and get FREE access to the $200 course.  I honestly do not think that I have seen a deal this good for such vital information.  Click here to buy the book, then email booklaunch AT foodrenegade DOT com with your receipt to get FREE access to the class.  You can see the details of the ecourse here, just so you can see how amazing this deal is!
  • Sometimes the simplest foods are the most delicious and satisfying.  Oatmeal is one of them for me, and I really enjoyed the pictures and cinnamon flavor of this soaked oatmeal recipe from Kelly at Oh Lardy!  It’s a nice change from my soaked oatmeal with coconut sprinkles.
  • But Kelly doesn’t stop there.  She figured out how to make a lacto-fermented orange juice drink that tastes like orangina that looks so light and refreshing that I think I need to make it immediately.
  • I nodded my head so vigorously while reading this article on why the new gluten-free fad is dangerous that I’m surprised I didn’t give myself a crick in my neck.  If you are truly allergic to gluten, then of course you should be gluten-free!  But if you are just on the bandwagon because you think it’s healthy, it’s not just unnecessary for you to avoid gluten, but it may be making life a lot harder for the people who need to be gluten-free.
  • There has also been a ton of awesome recipes that I simply must try: turkey, avocado, and mango salsa paninis, grain-free triple coconut cookies, apple, leek, and bacon breakfast sausage, sourdough carrot cake (what?!) and these awesome sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil.
  • There are even some beauty “recipes” that I found this month, like this key lime whipped coconut oil body butter, which reminds me of two awesome DIY home body care books: Toxic Free and DIY Beauty.  I highly recommend both.  You won’t be sorry!
  • As I have been lifting more, I have been paying attention to my core strength a lot more at the gym and at home.  I have a foam roller, and a balance disk that I love to use for strengthening my stabilizer muscles in my feet, legs, and abs.  It feels great!  So I especially enjoyed this post by Robin at Thank Your Body about core strengthening exercises.
  • Robin is a certified movement analyst, and my friend, so I have a bit of a love affair with nearly everything she writes 🙂  Did you know you can get a copy of her book Move Free for free?  I love that thing!  Her ebook Pain Free is also amazing and is a must read in my opinion.
  • I don’t think liver has ever sounded as good as it does when Jenny at Nourished Kitchen talks about her sage and chicken liver pate.  YUM.
  • Last but not least, I really enjoyed this read about the homeschooling and traditional schooling conundrum.  Do you homeschool or traditional school?  I have both of my boys enrolled in the local school and we all like it that way.  It’s what works for us.

Leave any super awesome links in the comments and share what you have been doing this month, what you have been cooking, or something really neat that you have found.  Welcome to March!

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  1. Love all the links. I am looking forward to trying out some more of your recipes. I have just started a new series of interviews about “Special Diets” on my blog. It’s not really about what “diet” we should follow but more about learning. Learning why some diets work for some people, why they don’t work for some people, and mostly about discussion. Some of the diets we will be looking at are anti-cancer, food addicts, and even vegetarianism. Again, I have no desire to promote dieting but I want to discuss them. Maybe we can even help some of these dieters out!

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