Linky Links: October & November 2012

October is a time of harvest, orangey reddish hues, and cooler weather, even here in Arizona.  My boys are wearing their sweatshirts to school in the morning, and I have had to dig out my fuzzy slippers from my closet.  Although I have noticed that my feet don’t get as cold as they did last year.  Extra points for any readers who knows why!  (Hint: it’s because I don’t diet anymore.)

Fall really got away from me and October and November ran together into a big supermonth of Samhain and Halloween celebrating, baking with pumpkins and squash, launching my Natural Cocktails E-Book, getting Thanksgivingy in the kitchen, and just plain loving the freedom I have to go outside and shiver for a change!

By far, the most fun I have had is seeing the freaking out going on when people buy my new cocktail ebook.  It’s something that really hasn’t been written, and it’s just so much fun!  I take all the junk out of cocktails, teach you how to make your own bitters, liqueurs, flavorings, and even the best Eggnog evar! I also made the Hot Buttered Rum tonight and almost died of Christmasy-flavored goodness.

The ebook is usually $22, but I am launching it for only $18.  Plus, I have extended my Black Friday sale, so you can still grab a copy for 40% off through December 1 at midnight EST with the code BLACKFRIDAY.  So you’ll only pay $13.20 if you get it before December 1st!

Other than shaking up some Manhattans, I have had a lot of fun reading these posts over the last two months:


  • I love that my pal Robin figured out how to make homemade mascara.  Awesome!
  • During the weeks leading up to the election, I had a lot of fun debating, reading, and then voting.  But I also enjoyed eating this election cake after reading about it’s history.
  • When Halloween hit our household, I felt more relaxed than I have in years.  Because I was completely at peace with letting my kids eat junk.  No more fear, people!  I believe in my metabolism and the metabolisms of my kiddos!
  • Not all of us work from home or stay home with our kids, so these tips on how to real food as a working mom are a great resource.
  • I was quite wide-eyed reading this list of 5 ways to cure constipation naturally.  Perhaps one of these days I will bravely try a certain remedy mentioned.  So far, I haven’t needed it though!
  • When I lived in Michigan, I always wanted to go and learn more about mushroom hunting, but I never made it to a guided walk like this author.  I’m jealous!
  • I shared this oxtail stew on my Facebook page, and I still haven’t made it.  Ima go thaw that oxtail right now…
  • My kids love all the fall flavors of the dishes we are making right now, and this fall tea looks like something right up their alley.  Another fun drink they would love is this orange spritzer.  I just wish I had found it in time for Halloween!
  • This honey glazed chicken is perfect for anybody, not just GAPS people (though it’s a perfect recipe for them!)
  • Since we are in cold season, I perked up when I read this post from Emily about the cure for the common cold.  So true!  (I also employ my ways to kick a cold though!)
  • I found this post about infant potty training, and I was fascinated by it.  It makes me wonder what I might try if my kids were younger!
  • This pumpkin fudge looks delectable.  YUM.
  • This winter squash pie is still one that I haven’t tried, but I need to!
  • I’m with Kristen on this one: savory sweet potato casserole is the best!  I find that I tire of the sweetness of sweet potatoes rather quickly.  Savory always seems to win me over.
  • We haven’t used flouride in our toothpastes or visits to the dentist in a while now.  This top 10 dangers of flouride post is right on the money.
  • When I make my peppermint hot cocoa, I am going to totally make these homemade marshmallows to go with it.
  • This granola looks absolutely amazing.  I love how the author uses this granola instead of breakfast cereal.  Smart!
  • Breastfeeding tips are always handy, and I remember those days well even though my youngest is now almost 4 (what?!)
  • Perfect for the holidays: spiced cranberry cider.
  • She had me at sourdough, but I’ll still tell you that it’s a sourdough burger.  Drool!
  • Who knew that a carrot could be a PMS remedy?


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  1. Thanks for the link!! You rock!

  2. Hi Kendahl,

    Thanks for sharing my posts, and thanks for your support with the Attachment Parenting post. It was an easy post to write, but many of the the comments I am receiving are certainly challenging! 🙂

    • Yes, very challenging! I think you’re doing a great job with all those comments. I think it really touched a nerve, which I think is usually an indication that something could be clarified or improved. I would love to see the AP community give people more support to parents that had experiences like yours. I’m sure it happens to other parents. And I’m really sure that there is better advice than “try harder”. Sometimes the flaw in the plan is that even if you do it perfectly, it still doesn’t work.

      It really reminds me of my experience doing GAPS at the end. Ultimately, I wasn’t doing it wrong, it just wasn’t right for me. I feel much better now having let that go and listening to my body.

  3. Great Post Kendahl!
    Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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