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Sweetened, Condensed Milk, what?!

The month of September has been pretty challenging.  I’m not gonna lie!  I switched hosting companies, and took on the migration process alone so that I could learn more about the back end of my website.  I’m glad for the experience, but it was hard. Technical adventures build character, right?

Other than my techie woes, I actually had a pretty fantastic month.  I have been sleeping better and lowering my stress, and even getting to the gym, Diet Recovery style.  The weather is pretty amazing, especially at night or first thing in the morning (in the 70s!).  We have hiking around the foothills near our house, and going for walks with our kids.

I have also been gearing up for the GMO fight that you may have noticed during the political season this year.  I already wrote about the Monsanto Machine a few weeks ago, and you will also see me talk more about non-GMO month, which is coming up in October.  We will be doing a non-GMO challenge, as well as some giveaways, so look for that coming up soon!

This month I have been eating more delicious breakfasts in an effort to not let myself get so hungry by lunchtime.  I have also been reading up on fascinating posts by my fellow bloggers, from homesteading to food politics.

So let’s see what I have been up to, and what I recommend this month:

Breakfasts:  Believe it or not, my most searched and popular post on Our Nourishing Roots is my recipe for crispy hash browns.  I have a secret to making them perfectly browned and crispy.  They are perfect alongside a plate of fried eggs and a bowl of maple oatmeal with coconut sprinkles.  Big breakfast FTW!

You could also add in these yummy-looking gluten-free maple pecan muffins or these nut butter waffles if you cannot eat grains or gluten.  And this pumpkin smoothie looks fast and tasty!

Autumn: I also declared that even though this month hasn’t been feeling like fall yet, I am starting the autumn-themed goodies.  I figured out how to make my own sweetened, condensed milk, and that was how the Pumpkin 7 Layer Bars were born.  Yum.  Just, yum.

Along with autumn theme, I found this recipe for butternut squash soup, this recipe for maple vanilla hot cocoa (how did that never occur to me?!), and this version of chicken stock that includes the feet.  As usual, Jenny has some poignant and useful commentary on the benefits of bone broth.

Connecting to the Earth:  I took an element quiz a few months ago and really identified with the element of earth.  I definitely have aspects of air, water, and fire in my personality, but earth is my most common attribute out of the four.  Obviously, right?  I mean, I talk all the time about trees and being rooted to the ground!  Look at the name of the blog, people!  Look at my e-book!

But we also literally need to connect our feet to the earth.  By going barefoot, you can get grounded in just that way.  And that also reminds me of a post I read where the connection with the Earth had been lost among children visiting a farm.  One exclaimed “carrots come from the ground?!”  We need to make sure we know our place in our ecosystem.

In a similar vein, I love this story about a local community having a debate about whether or not bargains are hurting the real food cause, especially when they are connected to bigger companies that aren’t local.  You can even listen to the song that one resident wrote: a ballad for a small town.

Plus, there is even a post on how to remove turf, for those of you needing to do a little landscaping, gardening, or homesteading.

Recipes:  When I saw this bread pudding, I almost died.  Now that I can eat grains again, I tend to crave nutrient-rich dishes like this one that include properly prepared grains.  Similarly, I saw that these homemade tater tots provide needed carbohydrates but without all the junk found in the commercial versions.  Plus, I read about the white rice vs. brown rice debate and felt pretty good about my carbalicious tendencies.

For those on GAPS, I saw this creamy GAPS gravy recipe and thought it was so clever!  Another recipe I geeked out about a little: homemade peppermint extract.  In time for the holidays, too.

I find this breakdown of fermented foods very helpful.  Sometimes it can overwhelming to try and understand something so broad.

It might not be a food recipe, but I still think this one counts.  Let Robin show you how to make your own all natural shampoo at home.  No nasty chemicals to worry about!

Health:  I have been talking a lot about Dr. Jill here lately, since she is currently launching her Go Grain-Free class.  She wrote an excellent piece asking if autism is an auto-immune disorder.

Kelly also talked about virgin coconut oil and why she loves it so much.  Speaking as a person who loves shrimp fried in virgin coconut oil and a squeeze of lime, I agree!  Mmm…shrimp.

I have talked about PUFA before, which is shorthand for polyunsaturated fatty acid.  PUFA includes omega-6 fatty acids which are too abundant in our modern foods, as well as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and seafood that we tend to want more of in our diets.  But Emily has a take on the whole thing that I agree with.  Read her post explaining: what is PUFA?  Similarly, read this post on how to avoid “health” foods touted as beneficial but are simply not traditionally prepared: health foods to avoid.

The debate over meat rages on, so I will leave it to my real foodies to explain our position on eating ethical meats vs. commercial versions.  See why I think it is ethical to eat meat.

Well, that does it for this month.  If I missed anything that you loved, or that you read, please leave it in the comments!

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