Natural Cocktails

Natural Cocktails

Flaming an Orange Peel over a Cosmopolitan

Natural Cocktails: Homemade alcoholic drinks for the real foodie, without dyes, artificial colors, or fake flavors.  Shake up your favorite mixed drinks at home, from classic Martinis to contemporary Cosmopolitans.

Pouring an Appletini

Learn how to infuse your own liquors, make your own bitters, and build your own real food cocktails in the comfort of your own home bar.  With over 165 recipes, you will be a proficient mixologist by the time you can lacto-ferment your own cola for a Long Island Iced Tea!

Return to the practice of fixing yourself a drink at the end of the day.  Lower your stress by sipping a homemade cocktail that stimulates your appetite before suppertime, facilitating a feeling of true contentment and digestive bliss.

Shake up classic cocktails in style while you entertain guests for dinner, impress family and friends with your homemade bitters, and learn your own preferences as you try different variations of Dry and Sweet Martinis and Manhattans.  Bring happy hour home!

You will learn everything from the foundational cocktails to Hot Buttered Rum with Spiced Butter for the holidays.  Learn how to make homemade Maraschino Cherries, topping Shirley Temples for the whole family or making yourself a killer Manhattan with homemade Spicy Orange Bitters.

A REAL Mojito

Best of all, you’ll learn how to make your own mixers, flavorings, garnishes, and so much more.  No more reading labels at the store, or justifying margarita mix that doesn’t have added colors but does use white sugar instead of corn syrup.  Don’t compromise anymore, just learn how to make real cocktails that you can trust.

The flavor doesn’t lie: real food isn’t just good for you, but it makes the best tasting food around.  For example, I have been told that my Mojito is better than any at the bars my friends have been to.  You can bet it’s my fresh mint, homemade honey syrup, and Aromatic Bitters that does the trick.

But be careful…you may spoil yourself with this e-book by teaching your palate to expect truly exceptional cocktails!

What is in the e-book?

  1. Bar Tools, Glassware, Techniques, and Drink Terminology: Learn how to stock your home bar with the essentials: short and tall glasses, cocktail glasses, and more.  Learn how to cut a spiral garnish for cocktails, or what it means to serve a drink “up”.
  2. Cocktail Components: Ice, Spirits, and Modifying Agents: Not sure what size ice to use?  Unable to tell the difference between liquors and liqueurs?  Not only will you learn the differences, but you will learn how to make your own liqueurs like Irish Cream and Coffee Liqueur.
  3. Modifiers De-Mystified: Bitters, Garnishes, Flavorings, Infusions, and Waters:Learn how to make your own homemade bitters, maraschino cherries, cocktail onions and olives, infused citrus vodka, various liqueurs, ginger beer, lacto-fermented root beer and cola, lemonade, tonic water, and more!

Homemade Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

  1. Classic and Contemporary Cocktails: Not only will you learn how to make classic, clean-tasting drinks like Kendahl’s Basic Seven: The Martini, The Manhattan, The Old-Fashioned, The Daiquiri, The Sidecar, The Jack Rose, and The Margarita, but you’ll learn real food versions of contemporary drinks like The Appletini, The Cosmopolitan, The White Russian, The Champagne Cocktail, The Sazerac, The Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri, The Mudslide, and many, many more.
  2. Simple Two-Ingredient Cocktails and Shots: You’ve heard of a Jack and Coke, but don’t you wish you could make a version without conventional, corn syrup-laden soda?  Learn how to make very simple drinks like Whiskey & Soda, Pink Gin, and Mimosa, so you can focus on your family, guests, or conversation without needing a cocktail shaker.

Irish Coffee with Cream

  1. Holiday Cocktails: Grogg, Spiced Cider, Hot Toddy, oh my!  Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season with family and friends as you sip homemade Eggnog without an artificial color or unnatural thickener in sight.  The holidays don’t have to feel bad when you use real food!
  2. Alphabetical and Liquor-Based Indexes: Cocktail indexes are notoriously difficult to navigate, which is why this book is laid out in alphabetical order in each section, as well as having an index organized in liquor sections.  Use the index to find out all the drinks you can make with that one bottle of aged rum in the back of your pantry!

What will the Natural Cocktails teach me?

  1. basics of cocktail-making:  Anything from ice size to which liquor to buy, you will see how to shake a cocktail in your kitchen, step by step.
  2. Colorful photos, for visual learners:  If you are visual like me, then you are in for a treat: professional photos abound, so that you can see how to flame an orange peel, which kind of glass to use for a Mojito, and what the Cocktail Olives should look like.
  3. You can print out the e-book: Keep a copy of this printed e-book in your kitchen, for easy reference.  Just print and bind, or hole punch and put into a binder.  You can even have it spiral-bound at your local copy center.
  4. Download onto your iPad or tablet:  For the ease of reading and using in the kitchen, this e-book is perfect for streamlining your cooking experience.  Instead of scrolling through blog posts and recipe bookmarks online, you can simply have all your Natural Cocktail recipes in one place!

Cocktail Onions, Cocktail Olives, Brandied Cherries, and Maraschino Cherries

  1. On GAPS?  Several drinks in the e-book are GAPS-friendly, since the standard sweetener used is Honey Syrup.  Regardless, all the recipes are made with wholesome sweeteners like maple syrup or whole cane sugar syrup, so you make yourself a drink without worrying about bleached or genetically modified sugars.

Order the Natural Cocktails E-Book, and shake up some real food drinks in no time.  Happy sipping!

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