Real Cocktails

Real Cocktails Cover

Sleek, Sophisticated and perhaps even Healthy?

One week we hear of studies championing the health benefits of alcohol consumption. The next week we hear the opposite. What if the “mixed” reviews on the health attributes of alcohol had more to do with the peculiar ingredients, additives, chemicals, and artificial colors and flavors than the alcohol itself? What if a relaxing drink made at home with fresh, wholesome ingredients really could be an enjoyable and healthful treat to add to your evening routine? 

Convenience Turned Clueless

Convenience has become a huge problem in modern life, and alcoholic beverages haven’t been spared this double-edged trend. With stacks of pre-made drink mixes available to the general public and bartenders alike, we’ve gotten all-too-comfortable and conditioned to sub-standard mixed drinks. It’s also left many of us clueless on how to make our own outstanding drinks from scratch, regarding those who know the art of mixing drinks as special sorcerers privy to secrets unobtainable to laypersons.

It’s Time to Bring Back the Lost Art

For your education, for your health, and for you dignity—Real Cocktails brings you a beautiful, colorful manual on making your own simple, refreshing, perky drinks at home—using only the freshest ingredients, traditional ferments, and high quality liqueurs. 
In this book, you’ll learn everything you know to become a real cocktail dynamo: 
• How to make the basic six cocktails better than anyone you know, with a twinkle in your eye 
• How to make your own aromatic bitters, enlivening your drinks and giving them special properties that can awaken your digestion and more 
• How to use healthy, traditional fermented beverages like water kefir in your drinks 
• How to make your own cocktail garnishes, from martini olives to maraschino cherries that don’t glow in the dark (yikes) 
• How to create mixers made from fresh fruit juice and natural sweeteners 
• Basic drink terminology for equipment and mixed cocktails, old school and new 
• And more 

Buy Real Cocktails now, and bring sexy and sophisticated back to your glass. Life is too short to drink mysterious glowing swill labeled as “Margarita Mix” and other concoctions more suitable for a Slurpee machine. 

*Available as an eBook or beautiful full color 8.5 X 11 paperback for convenient reference in your home kitchen or bar.