Real Food 101

Real Food 101 Cover

Real Food Made Simple…And Simply Delicious!

Think real food is too complicated and time-consuming for your modern lifestyle? Think again. Real Food 101 will convince even the novice chef that wholesome, nourishing, homemade food is within their grasp. Learn the basic techniques of a wide range of staples, including fresh pasta, soup stocks, and even ice cream and homemade chocolates. All the ingredients here are of the utmost quality–no worries about questionable BPA, MSG, or hydrogenated oils–this is real food. 

Connect with a Foodie Tradition

Probiotics and enzymes are buzz words in the world of health right now, but traditional societies have been in on the secret and making fermented food for thousands of years. Now, with the help of Real Food 101, you can join in this long-standing tradition and prepare ferments and cultures to make your tummy happy and your cells sing. The author proves that everything from homemade yogurt to zesty dill pickles can be made quite simply in your own kitchen with minimal fuss and everyday equipment.

Grains are Good, Despite What the Paleo People Say

Is a plate of pancakes really a detriment to your diet? Learn why this isn’t the case when grains are prepared in the proper way. After all, many traditional societies have been basing their diets around grain for millennia. And why would they do this? Because it’s nourishing, satisfying, and good for metabolic health.

Real Food 101 dredges the annals of history to bring the reader up to date on the latest in what we should and shouldn’t be eating and why. For your health and happiness, this book is a must-read.

Buy Real Food 101 now, and get back to your roots with good home cookin’ that feeds the soul. Life is meant to be lived fully, with vibrant health from traditionally prepared whole foods.

*Available as an eBook or beautiful full color 8.5 X 11 paperback for convenient reference in your home kitchen.