Real Food Media Spring Sale!! 25% Off All Classes, E-books, and Meal Plans

Real Food Media Spring Sale!! 25% Off All Classes, E-books, and Meal Plans

I have written about a Real Food Media sale before, but this time it’s special.  This time I am not just an affiliate (lovely bloggers though they are!), I actually have a product that I made with my blood, sweat, and tears.  It feels amazing!  I am so proud of my work  :)

That being said, let’s get to the nitty gritty.  Is there a class, an e-book, or a meal plan that you have been wondering about?  Is there one that you have had your eye on and you’ve been waiting for the price to drop?  Well, now’s your chance!

Today, Real Food Media is starting it’s Spring Sale!  From Friday 5/25 through Friday 6/1 save 25% on all the classes, books, and meal plans that you see below, including my REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Preparedwhich is now  $10.50!  Just use the code “SPRING25″ to take 25% off my e-book as well as my list of items below the fold.

From CHEESESLAVE ($5 from every sale will be donated to the Weston A. Price Foundation and $5 will be donated to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund):

  • Reversing Food Allergies Online Cooking Class: Learn how to reverse food allergies with a grain-free GAPS diet.  It’s almost time for the new year, and this class will help you kick it off right!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $149.25 (25% off)
  • CHEESESLAVE Menus By Mail: Get started cooking real food with helpful budgeting, planning, and inspiration from Ann Marie!  Get three full dinner menus a week, plus an extra breakfast or snack item per week.  There are even gluten-free options for many recipes.
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $63.75/year or $7.50/month (25% off)
  • Healthy Whole Grains E-Course:  Want to know how to properly prepare grains for maximum absorption and nutrition?  Let Ann Marie take you though sourdough, sprouting, and soaking!
    • Price:
    • Spring Sale Price: $149.25 (25% off)

From Well Fed Homestead:.

  • A Whole Food Holiday (GAPS Holiday Cookbook): GAPS and SCD recipes for the holidays!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $16.46 (25% off)
  • GAPS Lunches Cookbook: Been feeling a little deprived?  Let Brenda plan out your lunches for 5 weeks, from sandwiches to fried chicken!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $15 (25% off)
  • 3 Months GAPS Legal Meal Plans: A main dish plus a side dish for each day, plus a shopping list and a list of what to prepare ahead of time. Simple recipes to make life easy on you!
    • Price:
    • Spring Sale Price: $15.75 (25% off)
  • Garden & Preservation Planner: Wondering how to stay on top of gardening?  This guide is a must have!
    • Price:
    • Spring Sale Price: $9.71 (25% off)

From Health, Home, and Happiness:

    • Price (E-book):
    • Spring Sale Price (E-book): $7.50 (25% off)
  • Grain Free Meal Plans: SCD and GAPS compliant meals, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $12/month $97.50/year (25% off)
  • What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet: Not sure how to successfully navigate the GAPS Intro Diet?  Use this step-by-step, day-by-day guide, and you won’t need to worry!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $15 (25% off)

From Nourished Kitchen (6% of proceeds go to the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Farm-To-Consumer Defense Fund):

  • Simple Dinners Meal Plans: Every week you will receive meal plans that come together in about 40 minutes.  You will also have access to over 500+ recipes in an exclusive database!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $50.25/year (less than $1 a day!) or $7.50/month (25% off)
  • How to Cook Real Food: Want to cook healthy foods for your family, from grass-fed and pastured meats, cultured foods, all the way to naturally sweetened desserts?  Not sure how to cook real food?  This online course covers it all!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $110.25 (25% off)
  • Get Cultured! Online Class: Learn how to make an array of enzyme-rich foods, and build immunity and enhance digestion.  100 recipes, over 100 tutorials both written and video!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $110.25 (25% off)

From Kelly the Kitchen Kop:

  • Real Food for Rookies Online Class: Overwhelmed with learning about real food? Let Kelly share her tips and tricks that she gathered over years of experience, to help you at the grocery store, farm, or kitchen!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $142.50 (25% off)
  • Real Food Ingredient Guide: Confused about food labels and what is the best food to buy?  Grab this guide for only $7!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $7.50 (25% off)
  • Real Food Party Planning Guide: Learn how to plan ahead to keep your parties stress-free so you can enjoy yourself just as much as your guests!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $9 (25% off)

From Mommypotamus:

  • Nourished Baby Ebook: This ebook offers insights into the connection between healthy moods, straight teeth, skipping the rice cereal, and healthy babies!
    • Price: 
    • Spring Sale Price: $14.24 (25% off)

From Food Renegade:

Remember to use the code “SPRING25″ when ordering, so that you can ensure your 25% discount off all these products!  The sale runs from Friday 5/25 through Friday 6/1.  Hurry and order now!