Sunday, January 22: Day Eight of the GAPS Challenge

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If you have been following Our Nourishing Roots for the last few months, then you’ll know that I have spent most of the last year on the GAPS diet.  Through taking out grains and adding in fresh-pressed juice, probiotics, and several kinds of bone & meat broths, I have achieved a better level of health.  GAPS is essentially a cleansing diet, based on traditional foods.

Starting last Sunday on January 15th, we started the GAPS Challenge. Below, you can see what the GAPS Challenge is all about.  In fact, you can still join us!  Just get ready by checking out my Before I Start GAPS, What Should I Do to Prepare? post.  There are steps you can take, support you can get here, and you will know that you are not alone.  Plus there are plenty of resources these days for GAPS, including buying this ebook from my friend Cara which will walk you through the whole process and help you take charge of your health!  You can change how you feel.

1.  For the real food newbie, you can simply go gluten- or grain-free for 30 days, starting today. This means getting creative with cutting wheat, grains, and gluten out of your diet.  If you go gluten-free, try quinoa or buckwheat for a grain substitute.  If you go completely grain-free, make sure you eat plenty of veggies, meats, eggs, fruits, and the treats sweetened with honey and made with grain-free flours like almond flour.  You can see my GAPS treats here, with which you will not feel deprived in the least!

2.  If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can do the Full GAPS diet for 30 days which is outlined here.  This is a little bit further than just going gluten-free or grain-free.  You also cut out any starchy foods, like green bananas, potatoes, and beans (except white beans).  This helps your digestion have a rest from processing foods that are harder to break down.

3.  Finally, for those who feel like they would benefit greatly from GAPS Intro Diet, you can buy the ebook and follow along for 30 days.  Intro Diet is truly nourishing and cleansing, and is the best way to start the GAPS diet.  If you are ready to take charge of your chronic illnesses, mental problems, or auto-immune issues, then GAPS Intro is the place to start.

I did the GAPS Intro Diet last March, and I was determined to get a renewed feeling of life after being so tired from adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, and pregnancies that were draining from my lack of sufficient nutrition.  Intro Diet truly delivered what I wanted.  I was tired, yes, but I could tell that it was because my body was healing and rebuilding.

Keep being kind to yourself.  Keep eating plenty of food, and getting plenty of rest.  Nourish yourself with stocks and broths for 30 days and see where your health can improve.  Remember to take detox baths and add in fresh-pressed juices if you are there yet in the Intro stages.  Love the cleansing process!  See that you are giving yourself a gift!

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  1. I’ve been on the GAPS Intro diet for 7 days now, and like with you, although I’ve been tired, it feels like the productive kind of tiredness that is the result of my body working hard at healing. It’s so nice to know that I am taking steps towards feeling great again! Look forward to reading more of your GAPS posts.

  2. It has been challenging. Cooking my meals and regular meals for everyone else. I’m tired and achey but I’m determined to get my health back. My friends are being very supportive and I just bring my own food to functions. I am looking forward to adding more stuff as the days go on.

  3. Anyone else not pooping?

    That’s right. I said it.

    • Kristina W says:

      Ha! Yes, I had that problem and took a bunch of magnesium to alleviate it but then I found the magnesium fed my candida so I’ve stopped. We’ll see if I get plugged up again.

      • It is a bit itchy but get a trans dermal magnesium. I get it as a gel and apply it after a shower. It works great and basically gives the effect of having gone sea bathing.

    • Maybe try butternut squash soup with lots of fat. I either add bacon fat or duck fat about half a cup. I have this almost everyday and have not had problems with not going, except for the one day that I didn’t eat enough food or fat.

    • You can get transdermal magnesium here. It is a bit itchy, but it really helps!

    • So, you are saying that the transdermal magnesium will help things move along? You say it is itchy – where EXACTLY would I be applying this magnesium. 😉 All over my body??

  4. I am having a really hard time with the diet. I have stuck to it 100%. I have felt really tired, dehydrated and sore. I have had extremely watery stools with blood and mucus since day two. I have also experienced a loss of apetite unusual for me. I have not been able to progress to stage 2. I have also experienced sleep disturbance and dehydration despite constantly drinking ginger tea and water. I am not sure what to do next as my symptoms are not improving. I have tried removing all probiotic food with no success. any suggestions? has anyone experienced this. thanks for the help.


    • Kristina W says:

      I’m sorry I can’t offer any help, but my heart goes out to you–that sounds rough.

    • It also sounds like you are too low carb, so I would have a bowl of applesauce, cup of juice, or a bunch of pureed squash or onions immediately. Your symptoms sound like ketosis (which is discussed in the ebook).

      Are you taking a lot of the probiotics? It’s possible you need to back off of them a little bit and then build up again.

      It also could be possible that you need to move to the next stage, since Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends moving through them quickly.

      • thanks for your support everyone. Yes i have read about ketosis. I didn’t realize how severe mine was until yesterday I had been using dates and honey for sugar on occasion. i have decided to go off intro as quickly as possible any suggestions on how to do this safely with minimal digestive upset. I was going to add cooked apples, very ripe bananas into my diet regularly for carbs and then try and add in other foods as tolerated once my hunger hopefully returns.

        good luck everyone,


  5. I have been pleasantly surprised that I look forward to my cups of broth, and truly enjoy the different flavors that are infused into my broth after simmering onions in it or pumpkin. This weekend was hard for me, I stuck with a GAPS diet (but not an intro diet) on Saturday even with my kids’ birthday party but today my time management and planning skills abandoned me and my lunch was not even GAPS approved. I am doing the Intro diet and I am trying to figure out where to go from here? Do I start over or just go back a step for a few days?

    Here is my post on why I started the GAPS intro.

  6. I like the approach you are taking of giving people so many ways to start improving their health with GAPS. I’m such an all or nothing girl myself that sometimes I forget how important baby steps can be. Another great way to ease into things is by making the broth a part of your regular routine, and adding to everything. There is nothing as good as veggies in a nice beef reduction!

    I’m happy to say that my gluten challenge is finally over and I’ll be back on Intro as soon as my blood gets drawn (today or tomorrow). Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  7. Great support and encouragement for those who are wanting to take control of their health and make those first steps. Thanks for sharing this with Sunday Night Soup Night, look forward to seeing you again soon!

  8. It is getting easier the nausea and complete aversion to food is gone. I was constipated for a while but this is getting better. I have cheated a couple of times but try to keep it GAPS friendly if not intro approved. My biggest problem is that I can’t sleep. I have struggled with insomnia for over 10 years. I went on sleeping pills for a year and got off them last summer. Now I can’t even sleep if I take a sleeping pill. Any insight on why I’m not sleeping would be great. it has been almost two weeks of not sleeping and I’m really struggling with the energy needed to do all the cooking and planning not to mention my job and keeping up with my life duties.


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