Homemade Irish Cream

Homemade Irish Cream | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS

This recipe is an excerpt from my Natural Cocktails e-book, which is perfect for the homemade mixologist who doesn’t want any fake colors or flavors in their cocktails.  Yum!

Irish cream served over ice in the evening is one of favorite ways to unwind.  Grass-fed cream fresh from the dairy, pleasantly spicy Irish whiskey, cool and rich all in the same sip.  And all perfectly sweetened and flavored without any questionable additives.

I’m only 1/4 Irish, but I swear that the Irish genes in me are more than a mere 25% expressed.  I love a good beer, and I love bourbon and Irish whiskey.  I have a particular love for Irish soda bread and this apple and potato cake. [Read more…]