The REAL Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition


Have you read the Top 11 Lies of Mainstream Nutrition?  When I saw the title, I hoped that I found a kindred spirit; someone writing about how real nutrition should include saturated fats, eggs, and cod liver oil.  I clicked over to verify what the author had “right” from a real food perspective.  I smiled at first, and then I found myself furrowing my brow and starting to smirk.

The author is obviously a big fan of the latest dietary craze, generally summed up as “meat-is-good-grains-are-bad”.  There are different takes on this approach to eating, from low carb, to paleo, to primal.  I do not have a problem with these dietary approaches per se, especially if you feel better in the long term while eating no grains and a lot of steaks.  But as nutritionally minded people, we are prone to getting stuck in the latest, most Perfect Diet of them All.  (But it doesn’t exist.) [Read more…]

The Monsanto Machine

General Mills is not interested in protecting the internal organs and health of you and your children.  They don’t want to let you know that their foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are potentially harmful and are, at least, untested to the point that we simply don’t know the damage they can cause.

General Mills simply wants to make a profit.  They put cartoons on their boxes of cereal because it works.  They add sugar and artificial flavors because those ingredients are cheap and they don’t nourish your body.  And they fight against mandatory GMO labelling in California because it will take a chunk out of their profit margin.

I get it.  Larabar gets acquired by General Mills.  General Mills gives over $500,000 to fight Proposition 37.  (Proposition 37 will require the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in California.)  People like you and me are upset.  So what do we do? [Read more…]