REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Whey (and “Cream Cheese”)

whey and yogurt cheese

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Whey is incredibly useful when making lacto-fermented drinks (such as beet kvass), condiments (such as mayonnaise), and vegetables (such as these dilly carrot sticks) at home.

I have mentioned in several recipes that I use whey.  Have you ever bought yogurt from the store and there is a little liquid on the top before you stir it all together?  That’s whey.  However, it’s only a teaspoon or so if you pour it off.  You will need more than that to make ketchup on a regular basis!

So if you want to make whey, then it’s best to use my method below.  Plus, when you make whey my way you get “cream cheese”*, too.  (That’s a bonus for those of you taking the Whole Grains E-course and you’re learning to make your own bagels.  That’s a match made in heaven.) [Read more…]

Guest Post at CHEESESLAVE: “How I Went Too Low Carb on the GAPS Diet”

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to say that I have a guest post up today called “How I Went Too Low Carb on the GAPS Diet“.  I don’t want you to miss it.  I think it’s so important to hear each others stories, especially with regard to health since our bodies are so different.  I am truly grateful that real food communities exist so we can have these conversations.

Plus, this guest post dovetails nicely with my post from earlier this week on how to get enough carbs while eating a GAPS diet.  I have heard from so many people who have gone too low carb on GAPS.  And it’s almost always accidental and without any cheating on the diet.  Bringing awareness to the accidental low carb GAPS tendency can really strengthen the GAPS diet itself.  Plus, GAPS is not meant to be low carb.  And it is temporary.

Thanks for being here and making a difference in our corner of the online world.  Enjoy the GAPS reading, and let me know what you think!

8 Ways to Get Enough Carbs on GAPS

carbs on GAPS

GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and is a temporary healing protocol that heals your gut.  The point of healing your gut is to return to eating a variety of real foods without any negative symptoms, including carbs and grains.

I did the GAPS diet for a full 10 months and experienced a lot of cleansing and healing during that time.  At the end of the 10 months, I started to notice some negative symptoms associated with (what I now see) being too low carb.  I think it was simply by body’s way of saying: I’m done with GAPS, feed me more carbs!

But that makes me wonder.  What about people who are on the GAPS diet right now?  How do they make sure they don’t go too low carb?  Well, I have the answer.  You need to pay attention to your GAPS diet and make sure you’re getting enough of the right carbalicious GAPS foods. [Read more…]

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Yogurt

homemade yogurt


(To buy the REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared, click here.  Full color photos, step by step tutorials, and more.  Only $14.)

Yogurt can be made many different ways: raw milk yogurt, 24-hour yogurt, yogurt made from one of many different culture strains.  That’s the great thing about yogurt.  It’s very simple, but it’s also variable depending on what you would like to make yogurt for.  Some are thick, some are thin, but all have that bright and sour flavor that we all love.

Yogurt is basically milk and cream that has been thickened with beneficial bacteria.  We all know that yogurt is “good for you”, but why?  Probiotic foods are claimed to be good for our bodies in many ways: gut flora balance, immune system defenses, and general health.  Making your own yogurt at home is simple, and yields the freshest probiotic bang for your buck!

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REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Quick Fish Stock (Dashi)

(To buy the REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared, click here.  Full color photos, step by step tutorials, and more.  Only $14.)

This stock is hands down the easiest one to make.  It is completely done in less than half an hour.  (This is not to be confused with fish stock made from the bones and carcasses of non-oily fish.  That is different, and delicious as a base for fish chowder, yum!  I’ll be making that one for Real Food 101 soon.)

But that’s not what I’m talking about today.  Today I’m sticking with simple and quick: dashi!  Dashi is made from three ingredients.  Yup.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think throwing a chicken carcass and veggies into a slow cooker for 12-24 hours is pretty simple.  But dashi beats all the other stocks.  It’s just that easy.

All you need is kombu and katsuobushi.  Zuh?

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Berry Custard with Sweet Cream

berry custard sweet cream

Rich with fresh eggs and cream, this smooth custard is dotted with beautiful jewel-toned berries and sweetened with whole cane sugar and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Topped with a bit of sweetened and whipped cream, this is a stunning presentation perfect for any occasion.

Serve it for breakfast or brunch, as a sweeter re-imagining of traditional eggs.  Alternately, serve it for dessert as an elegant dish that will delight your guests but won’t tie you up in the kitchen for hours.  Simple real foods make all the difference when you let them shine in their clean and pure forms.  [Read more…]

REAL FOOD 101: How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette


Garlic & Herb Vinaigrette

This post is part of a series.  To buy Volume One of the e-book containing several REAL FOOD 101 tutorials, click here: REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared.

My lovely Basic Vinaigrette is a simple dressing; an excellent recipe to have on hand.  Prepared as written it can go with nearly any green salad, cooked veggie, or anything else that needs a little oil for richness and acid for sharp contrast.  I have even tossed it with rice salads and it’s perfect.

However, I have a particular version of this vinaigrette I use almost 100% of the time due to the predictable freak out that everyone has whenever I use it.  Yes, it’s that good.  Who knew that real food ingredients could make such a difference?  (I know, I knew it already too!)  I call it my Garlic & Herb Dressing, and it’s based on a dressing recipe from here.  Of course I had to double the garlic and mustard, but I think it’s perfect that way.  Every time I make this dressing, people rant and rave about it. [Read more…]

February 5, 2012: LAST WEEK of the GAPS Challenge!!

Holy cow!  I cannot believe that we are on the last week of the GAPS Challenge!  How are you all feeling?  How is it going?  I hope you feel cleansed and revitalized, ready for better health and greater well-being.  Even if you finding this challenge for the first time today, you can still join us in taking on GAPS Intro diet by grabbing a copy of this ebook to walk you through it.

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5 More Recipe Resources for GAPS

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Grain-Free Salted Caramel Bars

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post outlining some of my favorite GAPS bloggers and their recipe lists, called 5 Recipe Resources for GAPS.  Then I chose a few of my favorite recipes from their lists I have already tried, and some that I want to try in the future.  Well, of course five on a list is not enough!  Here are five more blogs that I love to peruse and find GAPS and grain-free recipes, as well as gain inspiration for new recipes of my own.

Remember that I am also currently hosting the GAPS Challenge, and we just hit the halfway mark and started Week Three this Sunday.  Time flies!  You can still join the GAPS Challenge here, and you can grab a copy of the ebook here.

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Real Food 101: How to Make Butter (and buttermilk!)

(To buy the REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared, click here.  Full color photos, step by step tutorials, and more.  Only $14.)

Look at that gorgeous yellow butter!  You cannot see it quite as well, but look at all that beautiful buttermilk below, too.  Isn’t food amazing?  Whenever I make butter I feel like a truly grounded foodie, getting back to my foodie roots! Despite the intimidation that seeing a butter churn might instill in you, butter is actually incredibly easy to make.  And if you can get your hands on raw, grass-fed cream locally, then you are going to be very pleasantly surprised at your ability to make such fresh butter available in your very own kitchen! [Read more…]