Pie Crust Two Ways: Grain-Free and Sprouted

When I was in high school, I went to a friend’s house for dinner.  Her dad had made these beautiful bowls of pasta with tomato cream sauce and seafood.  I said how good it looked and he said proudly, and without hesitation, “well, when you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

That still makes me laugh to this day!  And it was really wonderful to see, because I have a tendency to sell myself short and think that I should be modest and self-deprecating.  But that’s no fun, and it’s not true!  I am really good at a few things, and there’s nothing wrong with saying so.

What I am so good at?  Pie!  A few weeks ago I made these Heart Tarts for my husband, and I used the sprouted flour pie dough recipe.  Amazing!  The grain-free pie dough is better for traditional pies, like apple, peach, pumpkin, or strawberry-rhubarb (I really need to make that one again!) [Read more…]

Irish Apple and Potato Cake

irish apple and potato cake

Sweet apple and satisfying potato combine with hints of bright lemon, warm nutmeg and cinnamon, and even caramel undertones from the whole cane sugar.  Topped with a crumb topping that melts in your mouth, this cake does not need anything else.  It’s perfect as is.

I am 1/4 Irish, and my grandmother is full Irish.  I hear bits and pieces of her life as we talk on the phone, or I hear other family members retell stories of hers.  I love that I look like my grandmother, and that I have parts of her in me from her laugh to her unapologetic love for her family. [Read more…]

Cheese and Vegetable Chowder with Fresh Herbs

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In these colder months, I love warming bowls of creamy soup speckled with finely chopped root vegetables, fresh herbs, and sprinkled with fresh parsley.   This soup is heaven served with a piece or two of sourdough bread with a little grass-fed butter.

I might even say this is my favorite soup (barring the wild mushroom soup I ate at Zingerman’s in Michigan a few years ago).  Every time I make it I savor each bite and eat slowly and happily.  So pull up a CSA box and get a-food-processing.  This one is worth it. [Read more…]

A Valentine’s Day Tradition: Heart Tarts

See more pies in the Pie Week tag!

In line with reintroducing grains back into my diet, I have a recipe here that uses sprouted flour!  You can also still sign up for my giveaway of the Healthy Whole Grains e-course here, or sign up for the class here.

Learning how to work with whole grains the same way our ancestors did is crucial to maintaining good health.  With all the problems with gluten these days, learning sprouting, soaking and sourdoughing skills can really improve your health and digestion (and maybe even your food allergies).

These heart tarts are full of fresh cherries and surrounded by a brown, buttery, flaky crust flecked with sugar.  The flavors all meld together into a perfect little package that you can hold in your hand and give to your love.  Aw! [Read more…]

Healthy Whole Grains E-Course GIVEAWAY ($199 value!)

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Have you been following my grain journey?  I am currently transitioning off the GAPS diet, which is a temporary healing protocol for fixing gut flora imbalance among other things.  Fortunately for me, Ann Marie at CHEESESLAVE happens to be starting a Healthy Whole Grains E-Course, chock full of more than 100 recipes, 50 video tutorials, and 12 weeks of online classes.  That is a great package, and from one of my favorite bloggers!

And fortunately for all of you, Ann Marie has agreed to give away one membership to her class for FREE to one of you, my lucky and lovely readers!  See below the fold to enter the giveaway!  You just might win!  In the meantime, sign up for the class, and if you happen to win, you will get your fee refunded at the end of the giveaway on February 14th.

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FREE Webinar on How to Soak, Sprout, and Sourdough Grains

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I’ve been saying this for a few months now: I am really looking forward to reintroducing grains into my diet. Fortunately, Ann Marie over at CHEESESLAVE is hosting a FREE webinar on how to soak, sprout, and dehydrate grains.

Happily, I think that doing the GAPS diet for about 10 months successfully healed my gut!  So now I am preparing to take my grain grinder out of mothballs and take Ann Marie’s FREE WEBINAR on February 9th, 2012 at 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST (4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST)! [Read more…]

Top Ten Posts on Our Nourishing Roots in 2011

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Butternut Cupcakes with Cardamom Buttercream: My most popular recipe, these delectable morsels embody the taste of autumn. Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla all balance the butternut squash to create a moment to savor.

Two Holiday Recipes: Chocolate Peppermint and Coconut Citrus Fudge: Dark and light, these two simple fudges are perfect for entertaining and snacking.  Made with clean ingredients: sweet honey, bright coconut, rich cocoa, and clean organic flavors.

White Cheddar and Chive Crackers (Grain-Free): Simple savory crackers, perfect for a quick snack, lunches, or even entertaining.  Cheddar, sesame & sunflower seeds, garlic and chives: Impeccable taste!  Try with my Smoked Salmon & Herb Cheese Pinwheels, or nutrient-dense chicken liver pate. [Read more…]

Beware of Soy: A Classic Eggnog Recipe (with a dairy-free version)


This eggnog recipe is included in my Natural Cocktails ebook, and is one of many, many delicious tried and true drinks I have crafted over the last few years.  Enjoy!

This eggnog is pleasantly thick with rich egg yolks, and grass-fed cream and whole milk, not from thickeners and stabilizers that mimic what nature can do simply with whole foods.  Add a few pinches of warming spices and sweet honey and you have yourself a holiday drink that is nourishing and festive.  Plus, did I mention that this version does not include egg whites which are best eaten cooked (they have enzyme inhibitors!), and that we blend it up in seconds in the blender?  Okay, now I have your attention.

Well now you can have a quick version of eggnog that does not have to compromise on quality ingredients.  A guilty pleasure just because a regular pleasure!  But most importantly, now you can make goofy eggnog comments like my husband who, every year without fail, says “So eggy. So noggy.” as we sip.  Or something like “you can really taste the nog”.  It is just that fun to make eggnog, I’m telling you!

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Butternut Squash “Sweet Potato” Casserole with Pecan Crunch

Butternut Squash "Sweet Potato" Casserole | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS

Naturally sweet squash blended with rich grass-fed butter, warming spices, vanilla, and a tangy swirl of sour cream, this simple side dish is perfect for a Thanksgiving banquet table.  It is far from the overly-sugared version we grew up with, covered with corn-syrup mini marshmallows.  Topped with gently sweetened pecans, this butternut bake is crispy on top and smooth in the middle.  Scoop it onto plates for a side dish that can beautifully round out the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing fare.

This tummy-friendly casserole is a delicious and less-starchy version of candied yams or sweet potato casserole.  Butternut squash is easier to digest, as well as providing many vitamins and nutrients during the wintertime when it is in season.  I also took care to sweeten it just so, making the flavors enhanced by the honey instead of overpowering it.

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Lettuce Wraps with Herbed Chicken Salad & Pecans

lettuce wraps chicken salad


This herbed chicken salad is one of my favorite creations.  And that is saying something, because as a child I hated chicken salad with a passion.  Perhaps it was the nasty soybean oil in the storebought mayonnaise, or that I could sense the chicken wasn’t quite right since it was from a factory and not a field.  But whatever the reason, my loyalties have been shifted by making a real chicken salad.  I have been won over by this herbalicious creation!

I happen to have several herbs growing in pots on the back patio.  In fact, I have so many that I can’t leave any out in this recipe.  So when I say that it is “herbed”, I mean it.  If you want to do a little less, make sure you at least get the tarragon and thyme into the mix.  Those are the essential herbs that really make this chicken salad really something.

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