Crustless Savory Quiche with Caramelized Leeks, Broccoli, and Sharp Cheddar

Dark yellow from pastured eggs and grass-fed cheese and flecked with green and white veggies and herbs, when you cut into this warm quiche everyone in the house will take notice.  The crackly crust on top from the parmigiano reggiano giving way to tender vegetables, the melted cheddar, and the aroma of bright herbs, will all fill your home with warmth and nourishment.  (It also might just impress those you bake it for, such as a brunch or holiday party.  Just sayin’!)

This gorgeous dish is simple and flavorful, which is generally the way I like my real food recipes.  I let the ingredients speak for themselves.  When you use quality foods, you do not need a lot going on to make your food stunning and gourmet.  This is the essence of truly nourishing food as it was meant to be eaten.  This is the kind of food we evolved to crave for vibrant health and true energy.

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Smoked Salmon & Herb Cheese Pinwheels

Cool and savory, these smoked salmon and herbed cheese pinwheels are the perfect nutrient-dense bites to whip up for a holiday party.  Served on a simple cracker these hors d’oeuvres give a balanced contrast of crunch from the seeds to the velvety texture of the cheese and salmon swirled together.  I have also always been drawn to the color salmon, so I love this dish for it’s beautiful presentation of the pinkish-orange against the green and white, all sitting atop a crisp square.

Of course, anything nutrient dense is always excellent for little growing bodies, or for mamas who can find a quiet moment during lunch to sit and enjoy a few of these morsels.  So when I made these for my boys tonight I knew that we would not only be enjoying our weekly seafood, but also a moment of nourishment knowing this food is clean and Plus smoked salmon has a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and protein.  I love recipes like this are made from solid, clean ingredients.  Those dishes translate to high brow affairs as easily as the snack table.

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