REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Shellfish Stock

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Also, this is yet another recipe for homemade broth, which is perfect timing for the readers participating in the GAPS Challenge.

When I found shrimp on sale a few weeks ago I was pretty excited because they were not peeled or de-veined yet.  What?!  I know that it is a little bit cumbersome to peel and de-vein shrimp, but it is worth it to have the shells leftover from peeling so you can make a flavorful shrimp stock.  I like to have shrimp stock around for making seafood soups and stews, or maybe even a flavorful risotto or reduction sauce.

And of course, you can also use lobster shells, or other shellfish shells to make this stock.  Using fresh shellfish tastes far superior to any fish stocks that you can purchase at the store.

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Crispy Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi

Crispy almond crust generously seasoned with spices gives way to flaky mahi mahi drenched in butter and lemon.  Mahi mahi is a versatile fish, easily meandering through various recipes and spices to blend beautifully and seamlessly into your dinner creation.  In this case, the mahi mahi is slightly spicy with a salty crunch of almond.  Baked in grass-fed butter, each bite drips with golden liquid rich in vitamin K2.

This savory dinner is particularly satisfying and simple to prepare and is perfect for getting in your weekly seafood.   Traditionally, seafood is an essential part of a nutrient-dense diet.  I like using mahi mahi in this dish, because it is mild-flavored and easy to find year round in farmer markets and health food stores.  Plus it is a favorite among my children who find the fish easy to cut and eat themselves.  They always ask for seconds during this dinner!

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