New and Improved: Real Food 101 is TWICE as long, and now in full color paperback


When I picked up a copy of Nourishing Traditions at my library all those years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  It was the best kind of crazy whirlwind to learn in one innocent weekend about why saturated fats are good for me, why I needed to eat more seafood, why local produce contained more vitamins, why raw milk wasn’t going to kill me after all, and what my ancestors generally ate.  (Hint: it’s not what the paleo people say.)

Fast forward a few years, and after much trial and error in my own kitchen, I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real food.  I know what my kids like, I know the shortcuts that work, and I know which recipes taste best after trying out several variations on say, lacto-fermented dill pickles.  In Real Food 101, I have compiled my experience and done the work for you.

Plus, Real Food 101 is new and improved, with more than twice as many recipes as it’s original printing.  And it’s now available exclusively on Amazon, for your convenience and peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the content.

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Today ONLY! Get my books for only 99 cents until MIDNIGHT EST

Buck Books Sale!I only have a minute, but I wanted to let you all know about the great deal on my books for today.  But it ends at midnight, so you’ll need to hurry!

My ebooks, Real Cocktails (formerly Natural Cocktails) and Real Food 101 are finally available on Amazon!  Woohoo!

Real Food 101

New and improved, and twice as long as it was!  I added several new recipes and tutorials, so that your kitchen can be well-informed about nutrition in the comfort of your own home.

Real Cocktails

This one is revamped as well, and can be bought as a hard copy, too!  Plus, have I mentioned that you can get a hard copy?  People have been begging me for this since I launched the thing!  In fact, it’s already ranking at #1 in all it’s catergories.  I’m so proud!  And it’s only been a few hours!

#1 ranking! Booyah!

But here’s the best part: both ebook versions are on sale for 99 cents TODAY ONLY.  Buck Books is featuring both my new and improved books in their Health and Nutrition bundle with 11 other books all marked down to 99 cents.  It’s a discount book venue called “Book Bucks”.

So you can get both my books for 99 cents each!   Sale ends at midnight tonight EST. Click any of the images at the top or CLICK HERE.

The price will be 99 cents literally for just one today before it’s back up to $10. You’ve got until midnight eastern time today to add it to your book collection, along with some of the others.  This is the best deal I have had on my books EVER.

I’ve been wishing for a long time that I could get you my books for a more affordable price. This is your chance! I hope you get over to Buck Books in time. Here’s the link again: Buck Books.

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REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Root Beer

Healing Herbal Root Beer | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS

Handcrafted root beer is almost a lost art these days, which is a shame.  Complex and layered, these earthy flavors combine with whey to create a naturally fizzy drink that is good for your well-being and your gut.  Homemade root beers are probiotic by nature, and have been revered for their beneficial powers for centuries. (source)

Fermenting your own drinks is a wonderful way to incorporate good bacteria into your diet.  Plus, kids love it.  They love to help make it, and they love to help drink it when it’s done.  What’s not to love about homemade soda?!  Root beer has always been my favorite, and now I feel quite justified in preferring it above all else!

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Black Friday Sale (the best deal all year): 50% off ebooks, classes, and meal plans!

It’s that time of year where we all might be staying up late and shopping through the night and into Black Friday.  But I say: why lose all that sleep when you can shop online?  Like last year, I am looking forward to shopping online for various real food classes, ebooks, and meal plans that I can get for 50% off!  You won’t see this kind of discount for the rest of the year!

Get 50% off from Thursday at noon until next Monday, December 1st, at midnight!

natural cocktails

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Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Produce Wash for Fresh Fruit

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Wash for Fresh Fruit | OUR NOURISHING ROOTSI love honeycrisp apples.  That’s how this whole thing started.  I went to the store this morning, and there were all these beautiful, crispy, slightly tart and slightly sweet honeycrisp apples, and none of them were organic.  Nooo!

Fortunately, I was still able to buy the non-organic honeycrisp apples, because I know that I can take them home and cleanse them with my homemade natural apple cider vinegar produce wash.  It helps to remove pesticides, wax, and any other nasties that get added to conventional fruits. [Read more…]

Top 5 “Health” Foods That Make You Sick

top 4 health foods to avoid


Whenever I walk into a health food store I feel a mix of emotions when I look at the foods lining the shelves. On the one hand, I find a lot of great local produce, healthy fats like coconut oil, and some amazing local and pastured meats.  On the other hand, I find really junky foods that claim to be healthy: box after box of “gluten-free” crackers that use vegetable oils instead of real fats like butter or coconut oil, for example.  Grrrr!


  1. Processed soy: Soy protein and soy protein isolate, unfermented
  2. Agave Syrup: highly refined version of the original traditionally made syrup called miel de agave
  3. Seed Oils: a huge source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)
  4. Natural Flavoring: a loosely defined additive that can contain a myriad of different derivatives from natural sources, but that can be manipulated in a lab.

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Why Do We Have Food Cravings?

food cravings explanation


When my son E was born, it was amidst a flurry of health problems including a cleft lip and palate.  For his first year of life I breastfed him and made his baby food from scratch and added plenty of melted coconut oil and butter to his veggies.

It was at that point that I truly embraced real food.  And when I made it to his first birthday, I was sufficiently convinced that nutrition mattered that I bought 12 jars of cod liver oil, several gallons of local, full fat, organic, raw milk, and sourced some local eggs that I made for us every morning with breakfast.  That was my turning point. (Click here for sources of cod liver oil I recommend.)

It was this transition that got me thinking: what does my little E crave for his little growing body?  I started to pay attention to what he craves and the results have been fascinating! [Read more…]

Living with a Pedophile: My Story of Trauma and Metabolism



(Trigger warning for violence, sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse.)

I am an abuse survivor.  When I was a child, I was exposed to a pedophile.  Then the pedophile used my body repeatedly, rendering me psychologically injured and scared.  He managed to engage me, groom me, and then use me.  When he stopped assaulting me the fourth time, he terrified me so much that I never told a soul until I was in college seeing my first counselor.  I was 20.

I used to count 4 instances of abuse on one hand, but have since been able to see that abuse is more than just the assault itself.  I was assaulted four times, but I was abused far more often as I lived with the constant stressor of social and sexual deviance in my home life.  It still makes my mind into a bit of a pretzel when I think of it in this new way, but I’m practicing and it gets easier each time.

So now, instead of saying “I was sexually abused 4 times”, I simply say that I lived with a pedophile who used my body.  He used me sexually when he groped me, but he also used me in a myriad of other ways.  He manipulated me, he intimidated me, he lied to me, and many other unhealthy, hurtful things. [Read more…]

REAL FOOD 101: How to Roast a Pastured Chicken

how to roast a pastured chicken

This post is part of a series.  To buy Volume One of the e-book containing several REAL FOOD 101 tutorials, click here: REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared.

Classic roast chicken is something that almost everyone has made.  But the question is not whether or not you have made it, but if you have made it well.

Roast chicken is simple, but it can also be done wrong.  Very wrong!  If you want to know how to make a perfectly cooked, crispy-skinned, beautifully browned, juicy roast chicken, then you need only follow a few basic guidelines.

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I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

Well I don’t know about you, but ever since I started eating real food I really started to rethink other aspects of health and wellness.

When I started soaking my oatmeal, I also started to read the labels of my hand soap and shampoo.

I started to wonder: Is my makeup toxic?  What is in body lotion to make it smell so good: chemical fragrance or essential oils?

If my skin absorbs nutrients just like my digestive system does from food, isn’t it just as important to use organic, food grade ingredients in my skin care and beauty care products? 


This is where DIY Organic Beauty comes into play.  Heather from Mommypotamus has written one of the best ebooks I have ever seen!  I really love it when someone writes something that fills a niche that I do not have time to fill myself.  Personally, I would rather write cocktail books, ha!

But that is the beauty of it (no pun intended), because all that work I could have done compiling beauty recipes that really work, I don’t have to do it anymore.  It’s done! DIY Organic Beauty is the ultimate guide to skin and beauty care for the natural community.

DIY Organic Beauty is found HERE. [Read more…]