Tequila Whipped Cream

tequila whipped cream

Sometimes I like to make a pie.  Or a lot of pies.  Like, a week’s worth of pies.

And sometimes I like to make fancy whipped creams to put on those pies, like this tequila whipped cream!  It is amazing all on it’s own (I dare you not to have a taste when you make it), but it’s also the perfect pairing with tropical fruits like pineapples and mangos.  You could even use it for an elegant dessert of vanilla pound cake with a tropical fruit compote.

But my favorite is still this whipped cream atop a gorgeous piece of key lime pie.  I seriously can’t get enough citrus in my life…and this is why I belong in Arizona!

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Traditional Poutine: Fries, Gravy, Cheese Curds, Oh My!

homemade real food poutine

Poutine is quite simple: fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds.  Simply delicious!  Poutine is comfort at it’s best, full of satisfying starches from the potatoes, a salty edge from the cheese curds, and velvety homemade gravy full of naturally occurring gelatin.

I think of poutine as one of those dishes that is a cross between bar food and an elegantly elevated dish.  But no matter how you classify it, it is full of nourishing fats if you use the best ingredients possible: grassfed cheese curds, homemade gravy with beef bone broth, and organic potatoes fried in coconut oil.

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The Best Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies Ever!

peanut butter swirl brownies


Sometimes you just need to have peanut butter and chocolate together.  Because they are a match made in heaven.  And not to mention: this is the greatest brownie base I have ever used.  I discovered it a few years ago in a book called Cookies Unlimited and ever since then, it’s THE brownie recipe that I use.  Every time.

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Why Do We Have Food Cravings?

food cravings explanation


When my son E was born, it was amidst a flurry of health problems including a cleft lip and palate.  For his first year of life I breastfed him and made his baby food from scratch and added plenty of melted coconut oil and butter to his veggies.

It was at that point that I truly embraced real food.  And when I made it to his first birthday, I was sufficiently convinced that nutrition mattered that I bought 12 jars of cod liver oil, several gallons of local, full fat, organic, raw milk, and sourced some local eggs that I made for us every morning with breakfast.  That was my turning point. (Click here for sources of cod liver oil I recommend.)

It was this transition that got me thinking: what does my little E crave for his little growing body?  I started to pay attention to what he craves and the results have been fascinating! [Read more…]

GIVEAWAY: Beautiful Babies Book


If I had it all to do over again, there are some things I would change about how I approached my fertility, my pregnancies, my birth experiences, and my new babies.  I would do a lot differently.

I would eat a lot of raw dairy and cod liver oil during my pregnancies, and before!  I would get a doula and try to wrap my head around a home birth.  I would eat more saturated fats and pastured meats, and more organic veggies.  I would add butter and coconut oil to all my baby’s food, and I would let them eat raw egg yolks galore.

This is where the new book Beautiful Babies comes in.  It’s not only the “how” of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and babies, it’s the “why”.  And did I mention that it’s just so darn fun to read? [Read more…]

Beautiful Babies Book Review

Beautiful Babies

Beautiful Babies book by Kristen Michaelis

Want to get a book and an entire 12-week class for less than $20?  Well that’s what you get when you pre-order a copy of Beautiful Babies through Amazon!

So what is it?  Beautiful Babies is the new book by Kristen Michaelis of Food Renegade fame.  I love that lady!

Do you want to learn about how to have a healthy pregnancy, and a beautiful baby?  Want to know how to ensure that your baby has the best possible chance at vibrant health, through your thorough knowledge of traditional foods and nutrition?  Kristen shows you exactly how.

This is the kind of thing I wish I knew about when I had my kids!  Seriously.  I mean, I started drinking raw milk after they were both born, and that was only the tip of the nutritional iceberg.

If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy of the book yet, you should.  Plus, you get FREE access to the online Beautiful Babies class that Kristen teaches all about fertility, pregnancy, and nutrition.  This is a crazy-good deal.  I don’t know about you but I’ve love to get a book and a class for less than $20!  (Especially when the class retails for over $200!)

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How to Make Cinnamon Chips

cinnamon chips chocolate chip only better!

What are cinnamon chips?  Well, they are like chocolate chips only better!  The first time I even knew what cinnamon chips were was during my 3 year stint in Michigan while I worked at a bread store and bakery.  My favorite bread that we made there was a loaf of whole wheat cinnamon bread with oatmeal, dates, and…cinnamon chips!

Most cinnamon chips that you can buy commercially are made with palm oil, white sugar, non-fat dry milk, and an emulsifier like soy lecithin.  Fortunately, my cinnamon chip recipe is only four ingredients, and has a beautiful texture without the aid of any questionable additives.  [Read more…]

Cheddar Bacon Scones

cheddar bacon scones

There is something about the rich crumbly scone and salty bite of the bacon and cheese that really gets me going in the morning.  Have this sweet and salty wedge alongside some pastured eggs and a small cup of triple-certified coffee or freshly-squeezed juice.  You will feel transported to

I have always been more inclined to choose a savory pastry over any of the sweet varieties.  Don’t get me wrong: I think glazed donuts are one of the most delicious things in the world!  In spite of all my real foodification over the last few years, sugar glaze still gets me every time.  But even sugar glaze can’t pry one of these cheddar bacon scones out of my hand.  I am a sucker for savory in the end.  Every time. [Read more…]

Homemade Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole

If you go through the trouble of opening a can of condensed soup, you save about 20 minutes of work for yourself.  But you gain a healthy dose of yeast extract, MSG, and other questionable ingredients.  Plus you miss a golden opportunity.

One the greatest losses that we have in our home kitchens nowadays is an understanding of simple sauces and gravies.  They aren’t even hard to make; we just haven’t learned how.

I know that green bean casserole is traditionally a Thanksgiving recipe, but every year when I make it from scratch, I vow that I will make it more often than once a year.  It is so worth it.  And green bean casserole just happens to be an excellent example of how to use basic sauce knowhow to make a spectacular dish.  (Especially when so many people rely on those cans of soup!) [Read more…]

Homemade Apple Pie

homemade apple pie


It’s the first pie of my proclaimed Pie Week, and I had to start with a classic.  Apple pie is all American, a Thanksgiving tradition, and a perfect blend of harvest, autumn flavors.  Apple pie is warming, full of earthy spices, and perfect still warm from the oven or cooled and topped with sweetened cream.

Other Pie Week recipes: Key Lime Pie, Grain-Free Pecan Pie (GAPS-friendly), Jumbleberry Pie.

Other pie recipes: French Silk Pie, Heart Tarts. [Read more…]