Crispy Homemade Hash Browns

secret to crispy hash browns

I find nothing more satisfying than a large breakfast on the weekend.  The only problem was that I had never learned how to make hash browns from scratch.  We always just bought them, frozen, in bags from the grocery store.  When I did think of making them, all I could imagine was that you had to peel a potato and grate it like you would a block of cheese.  I had no interest in doing that!

But the call of fresh hash browns was enough for me to learn, especially since I have been eating more carbohydrates in an effort to raise my metabolism.  There’s a simple trick to getting really crispy hash browns, and I’ll share it with you today! [Read more…]

Honey-Sweetened Lemonade (GAPS-friendly)

Honey-Sweetened Lemonade | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS #diy #sugarfree #naturalsweetener #drinks #

Last week I got my hands on 5 pounds of organic lemons, and instead of looking at them on my counter I actually did something with them this time!

The acidity of the bright lemon juice cuts gently through the floral honey, creating a pleasantly refreshing drink as it warms up this time of year.  You can even stir up a batch and put your kids to work on a lemonade stand 🙂  [Read more…]

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Skillet Cookie

(To buy the REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared, click here.  Full color photos, step by step tutorials, and more.  Only $14.)

Classic flavors of delicate white chocolate and the smooth crunch of macadamia nuts in a cookie remind me of my childhood.  Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but I was always partial to the vanilla scented white chocolate confections as a child.

I also remember my mother putting chocolate chip cookie dough into a baking dish to make “cookie bars”. If it seemed easier to me then, then it’s definitely easier as a mom of two!  Only now that I am committed to real food, I love baking the cookie dough in a cast iron skillet.  Because I always have one or two on my stove, but also because my food becomes more iron-rich because of it.

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REAL FOOD 101: How to Make Sprouted Whole Grain Flour

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(To buy the REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared, click here.  Full color photos, step by step tutorials, and more.  Only $14.)

Look at those gorgeous sprouted spelt berries.  They’re alive!  And they are ready to be dehydrated to make sprouted flour.  I like to make sprouted flour every other week or so, and then use it for making bread, pancakes, biscuits, and other baked goods.

As you know, I am transitioning back into grains after doing the GAPS diet for 10 months.  So I have started sprouting my spelt berries again to make sprouted flour.  I’m also signing up for the Healthy Whole Grains E-course, so that I can troubleshoot some of the difficulties I have had working with sourdough, as well as gaining new access to soaking and sprouting tutorials and lots of recipes.

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Healthy Whole Grains E-Course (Soaking, Sprouting, & Sourdough)

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Ann Marie over at CHEESESLAVE is launching a new class called the Healthy Whole Grains — Soaking, Sprouting, Sourdough E-course.  You get lifetime access to all the videos, classes, and recipes, not to mention the opportunity to learn from a tried and true real foodie, Ann Marie!

If you are currently eating grains, but are new to real food, then this class is for you.  If you are coming off the GAPS diet and are starting to reintroduce grains, then this class is for you.  But most of all, if you are the kind of foodie nerd who just loves to learn new techniques and recipes, then this class is for you!

Normally the class is $199, but it is currently on sale for $149 if you go here.  However, if you use the $20 coupon code “SPROUT20” then it’s only $129!  But that deal is only good until Sunday, February 12.  It’s never going to be sold for this little, so grab it while you can!

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REAL FOOD 101: How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette


Garlic & Herb Vinaigrette

This post is part of a series.  To buy Volume One of the e-book containing several REAL FOOD 101 tutorials, click here: REAL FOOD 101 E-book: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared.

My lovely Basic Vinaigrette is a simple dressing; an excellent recipe to have on hand.  Prepared as written it can go with nearly any green salad, cooked veggie, or anything else that needs a little oil for richness and acid for sharp contrast.  I have even tossed it with rice salads and it’s perfect.

However, I have a particular version of this vinaigrette I use almost 100% of the time due to the predictable freak out that everyone has whenever I use it.  Yes, it’s that good.  Who knew that real food ingredients could make such a difference?  (I know, I knew it already too!)  I call it my Garlic & Herb Dressing, and it’s based on a dressing recipe from here.  Of course I had to double the garlic and mustard, but I think it’s perfect that way.  Every time I make this dressing, people rant and rave about it. [Read more…]

Honey-Sweetened White Chocolate (and GAPS White Chocolate Chips!)

A few days ago I shared my recipe for honey-sweetened chocolate chips, and they are fabulous!  I have been testing chocolate chip cookie recipes, both sprouted flour and almond flour versions, and they turn out really well.  But some people who are on GAPS (a starch- and grain-free diet), cannot tolerate cocoa powder.  Enter my white chocolate recipe.

White chocolate is fragrant and delicate, scented with vanilla and sweetened with raw honey.  The floral notes from the honey and vanilla are perfect juxtaposed with the smooth creaminess of the clean, organic cocoa butter. [Read more…]

Simple Honey-Sweetened Chocolate (and GAPS Chocolate Chips!)

homemade chocolate with honey


Handmade chocolate, fragrant with cocoa butter and vanilla bean and enhanced by just a touch of coffee.  Chopped fine, this simple chocolate becomes chocolate chips for truly spectacular homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Poured into molds, this chocolate can easily become homemade candy, such as these GAPS Peanut Butter Cups.  And simply cut into bars, you can make homemade chocolate bars for snacking or even s’mores!

Homemade chocolate chips are surprisingly easy to make, despite the ease with which most people can simply buy a package of chocolate chips from the store.  For many people, store chocolate chips are not an option.  Whether from principle or allergies, I have good news: you can make chocolate chips at home! [Read more…]

Top Ten Posts on Our Nourishing Roots in 2011

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Butternut Cupcakes with Cardamom Buttercream: My most popular recipe, these delectable morsels embody the taste of autumn. Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla all balance the butternut squash to create a moment to savor.

Two Holiday Recipes: Chocolate Peppermint and Coconut Citrus Fudge: Dark and light, these two simple fudges are perfect for entertaining and snacking.  Made with clean ingredients: sweet honey, bright coconut, rich cocoa, and clean organic flavors.

White Cheddar and Chive Crackers (Grain-Free): Simple savory crackers, perfect for a quick snack, lunches, or even entertaining.  Cheddar, sesame & sunflower seeds, garlic and chives: Impeccable taste!  Try with my Smoked Salmon & Herb Cheese Pinwheels, or nutrient-dense chicken liver pate. [Read more…]

Honey-Sweetened GAPS Peanut Butter Cups

Honey-Sweetened Peanut Butter Cups | OUR NOURISHING ROOTS

These peanut butter cups might be my greatest recipe creation to date.  They just turned out exactly like I wanted, and that is so satisfying!  I used to make a version of peanut butter cups that had coconut oil in both the chocolate and peanut butter mixtures, but I would have to store them in the freezer and they really didn’t taste like what I wanted.  Now I know that what I was missing was the proper fat.

Cocoa butter has a melting point around 100 degrees which, when compared to coconut oil’s 76 degrees, makes it a much better fat to use in homemade candies that you want to set up and harden at room temperature.  Plus it has such a wonderful understated flavor, smooth and chocolatey.  Not to mention the fact that the company on my resource page supplies a very high quality cocoa butter: food grade, organic, and raw-processed.  The scent and flavor should be rich yet delicate.

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