Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Butternut Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream

Well I don’t know about you, but this year Thanksgiving really snuck up on me.  I was talking to my husband yesterday and he mentioned that his sister was flying into town this week and I was jolted into reality.  It’s time to make pies!  Thanksgiving is next week!

I love making pie.  I also love roasting turkey, making green bean casserole, soaking buttermilk biscuits, mashing potatoes and whisking gravy.  But my real love is pie.  Jack Handy said it best:

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it’s not, mmmmmmmm, boy.”

Exactly.  There’s a reason I have three different pie dough recipes up on Our Nourishing Roots, and that was all within the first year of recipes!  Join me over the next week as I make a series of pies and share the pictures here and on my Facebook page.  I cannot promise pie heaven, but I think we will come close.

If you feel a little overwhelmed this holiday season, you may need a little real foodie help.  My cocktail book will show you how to make truly impressive and perfectly balanced drinks, without the sugar and additives of storebought mixers and liqueurs.  And Jenny has done the same thing with holiday meals: planning, all the cookies, desserts, and candies, and even menu plans.  Her holiday recipes are thorough and the epitome of clean eating.

In the meantime, let’s see what the real foodies have in store for us this Thanksgiving.  Between my recipes and theirs, you should be able to put out a beautiful harvest spread for your friends and family this thankful season.

Last Year’s Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Recipe Collection

Irish Cream

Irish Cream over ice

Main Dishes:

Butternut Squash “Sweet Potato” Casserole with Pecan Crunch

Side Dishes:


And for after all your Thanksgiving celebrating, here is a post on how to use all those leftovers.

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  1. Good info. Can’t wait to see the pies. Here are some things we do with our leftovers.

  2. These all look so good, Kendahl! And thank you for sharing my turkey recipe– I can’t wait to do this year’s whole turkey– I think I will try brining it.

  3. Thank you for sharing y recipe in your Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup:)


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