The Anti-Diet Challenge, Day 2

antidietday2It’s day 2 of the Anti-Diet Challenge!  You can read about why I am hosting the Anti-Diet Challenge here.  The “rules” are simple, ha!:

  • Eat foods that sound good.  Be intuitive.  Want ice cream for breakfast?  Try it.  See how you feel.  For me, it makes me feel awesome and warm!  And after a while, I lost interest in ice cream, because I didn’t think it was “bad” anymore.  Now I just eat it when I want to, and I don’t worry about it.  And when I do eat it, it’s usually earlier in the day, not at night.  Go figure.
  • Don’t drink anything unless you are thirsty.  For reals.  And in general, drink less in the morning and more at night.  You want to move from less water to more throughout the day.  This one may feel counterintuitive at first, especially if you always have a water bottle and you drink water “because it’s good for you”.  Let it go!
  • Follow the meal outline below.  See how you feel.
    1. Eat starches, sugars, and/or grains for breakfast, without much water content.  This can be foods like pancakes, hash browns & eggs, waffles with berry syrup, leftover birthday cake, maple oatmeal with coconut sprinkles, or anything from my sweet and savory breakfast lists on my recipe page.
    2. Eat a large lunch that includes meat and/or protein and dessert (like cookies, not fruit), and that is eaten before 2pm.  You can make this meal with more water/liquid in it, such as adding veggies or fruits or drinking more liquids.
    3. Eat a vegetarian dinner that includes something more “watery” like veggies, soup, or both!
  • Break the meal outline rules above.  See if tweaking it helps you feel better or worse.  Trust your results.  Try eating protein for breakfast.  Try eating sugar a little later.  Eat a big breakfast instead of a big lunch.  Do what feels right.
  • Embrace sugar and salt.  Your body is made up of water, salt, and sugar.  Throwing that balance out of whack with drinking plain water is not helpful!  For example, I have found that what works for me as an after-workout drink is this: half water, half juice, generous pinch or two of salt.  Viola!  Nice and quenched, and no cold hand and feet after an hour.
  • Work out if you feel antsy.  Take a nap if you are tired.  Can’t wait to run up the side of a mountain?  Get out and go hiking!  Feel exhausted?  Take a nap for Pete’s sake!  Let’s say it together this time: listen to your body!
  • Take your temperature.  Notice what your waking temperature is.  You also may be curious if you temperature goes up after eating a big, warming meal, or if your temperature goes up or down after you get home from lifting weights at the gym.  For me, I noticed that I was getting cold after the gym and I started skipping the gym every other day to take naps instead.  After I wasn’t so tired and I was caught up on my sleep and felt like I had more energy, I would go to the gym and I would feel hotter afterwards.  As in, my temperature would sometimes reach 100 degrees!
  • Sleep enough.  Again, be intuitive.  At this point, I can tell when I am tired by whether or not my feet get cold.  You may be surprised by when your body is saying “go to bed!”  For me, this is around 8pm.  Sigh.

That’s it!  Choose one of these “rules”, or all of them, or some, or change them every day.  Although I do recommend sticking with one long enough to see if it is working for you.


Just pick a bullet point and do it!  Nuff said.

Read Diet Recovery.  Share your favorite quote from the book on today’s post in the comments.

Read Eat for Heat.  Share your favorite quote or “a-ha!” moment from the book in comments.

I will post a daily thread on Facebook and Google+ for you to chat, post photos, ask questions, and so on.

Take a picture of your awesome breakfast and post it on my Facebook and Google+ thread for that day.  Or lunch.  Or dinner.  Or snack of salted ice cream.  (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)  I will be posting daily pictures.  We will see what I come up with.

Test out your toasty body in cold weather like snow and ice.  It’s fun!  And give us a picture.  That’s even more fun!

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