A&E Chooses The Queens’ Tea for Project Startup


This is a guest post by my good friend J. Seth Anderson (pictured on the right), of The Queens’ Tea, a Salt Lake City based company that specializes in the highest quality hand-picked loose leaf tea blends I have found!  Seth co-founded The Queens’ Tea with his fiancé Michael Ferguson (pictured on the left).

“As the world’s most widely consumed beverage, the varieties of tea are endless. The Queens’ Tea bridges peoples and cultures, bringing them together by sharing the worldwide variations of this exquisite drink. And since it has been cherished for thousands of years, tea rekindles our connection to history, the earth, and each other. Indeed, tea is the original social media.”

* * *

The Queens’ Tea, a Salt Lake City-based tea company, has announced a new tea line named DigniTEA, whose proceeds will benefit Salt Lake City’s Homeless Youth Resource Center.

“As many as 42% of the homeless youth in the Salt Lake area identify as LGBT. That is a hugely disproportionate number of youth in Utah who have either left or been kicked out of their homes simply for being honest about a core part of their identity,” says J Seth Anderson, co-founder of The Queens’ Tea.

The DigniTEA initiative was picked up by the television network A&E’s Project Start Up. A&E donated $4,000 to the initiative, and is encouraging their national audience to donate to The Queens’ Tea in their current crowd funding campaign. The crowdfunding for The Queens’ Tea is being hosted by the website Rockethub, and runs until July 30th.
Anderson and his fiancé, Michael Ferguson, co-founded The Queens’ Tea together with a vision of using the company to create empathy across cultural divides.

“Tea has a long history of bringing people together. We say that tea is the original social media. What greater time than today to bring people with diverse beliefs to the common table of harmony and respect?” adds Ferguson.

The couple says they chose the Homeless Youth Resource Center as their first corporate benefactor because of the urgency to address family acceptance of gay youth in Utah. The resource center is currently raising funds to construct an overnight shelter for homeless youth. The shelter will be the first overnight youth shelter in Utah.

“The current center is only a daytime resource. That means you have a lot of kids being turned out onto the streets for the night. That’s unacceptable. The expansion into an overnight shelter is a big deal for our community. It needs to receive our support,” comments Anderson.

In addition to direct contributions to the homeless youth resource center, The Queens’ tea will also be focusing on public education related to family acceptance in the strongly Mormon culture that exists in Utah.

The Human Rights Campaign executive director Chad Griffin has called Utah “ground zero” for its push toward national legalization of same-sex marriage. Ferguson and Anderson say they feel like this contributes to the hope they feel for change in Salt Lake.
“There are signs of hope for Utah,” says Ferguson. “I believe most people here are essentially good people, and that hearts change when they have increased light and knowledge. A lot of that comes from ready access to correct information about what it means to have a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender loved one.”

For more information about The Queens’ Tea, their DigniTEA initiative, or to donate to their crowdfunding campaign, please visit http://dignitea.org.


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