Wise Traditions WAPF Conference 2012 — November 7-11 Santa Clara, CA

Wise Traditions WAPF Conference 2012 — November 7-11 Santa Clara, CA

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a slew of silly pictures that I took with my phone while I was in California over the weekend.  Most of them were taken at the Hyatt in Santa Clara, just a stone’s throw from where I grew up in Northern California.  Why was I there?  Glad you asked!

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Wise Traditions Conference, which is every year in a different city in the U.S.  But more imporantly, Wise Traditions is where WAPFers and real foodies gather to eat grass-fed braunschweiger, naturally fermented teas and veggies, to try new flavors of fermented cod liver oil, and to buy books on tooth decay, lacto-fermentation, green living, nutrition, and other hippie dippy topics.  It was a real foodie nerd’s dream come true.

While I was driving to and from the Wise Traditions conference on 880, I looked up at Mission Peak, breathed the not-as-dry-as-Phoenix air, noticed birds of paradise growing in several yards, and felt content.  I miss California: bad!

So from a synergy perspective, it was really going on.  I was with all my real foodies during the day, eating excellent food like root beer kombucha and salmon roe, and with my family the rest of the time soaking up the California sunshine, rain, and deliciously biting wind.


I came home from the conference with new acquaintances, two new books, a bag of kelp noodles, some organic toasted nori, two toothbrushes, less fear of eating fermented cod liver oil off a spoon (that lady would not take no for an answer!), a jar each of kombucha and whole organic grass-fed raw milk, various papers with information on essential oil blends and holistic health, and even a new set of mineral makeup.

In short, it was worth it.  It was worth the time, it was worth the effort, and it was worth it because I had so much fun!  Where else could you try on a goat toe necklace and people just nod and say “Yep, pretty cool.”?  Awesome.

But most of all I was struck by the camaraderie and electricity of the conference.  This is where things get done, you know?  This is where people go who are really changing the way we eat, the way we farm, the ethics we use, and the credibility we have.  It’s that kind of energy that I tapped into while I was writing my cocktail ebook.  I want to enjoy life on all levels, from the quality of my food to the fun that I am having while I converse with with my family and friends.

You are part of a real food movement if you are reading this blog.  You are a part of something greater than yourself.  You are powerful because you have knowledge, and because you are hungry and thirsty not just for real food but for real information.

We don’t buy it when commercials say that saturated fat is bad for you. We don’t buy it when the government tries to scare us from drinking and eating raw dairy.  We don’t buy it when Monsanto says that their genetically modified foods are safe.  We know better, and we are gaining momentum.

Stay with me, friends.  We are doing an important work that connects us all to each other, and to our Earth Mother.  Let’s take care of her, and each other.

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